I have not ovulated

Around noon today H called me with the news that the blood test results show I have not ovulated. Apparently, Dr. F did not see my left ovary yesterday and just wrote on my chart, “Not visualized. Free fluid.” My ovaries are hard to find (especially the left) and when he was done with the ultrasound I was thinking, “But we never saw the left.” When I asked about it, I was told there was free fluid so I probably ovulated already. I am going to choose now to leave yesterday’s appointment in the past even though it frustrates and confuses me to no end.

So here is where we stand as of today (and I’m learning things can drastically change over a very small span of time):

I go back tomorrow for another ultrasound at 8:30A.M. S, the nurse who was there at the HSG exam back in April, will be the one doing the ultrasound. Angele and I were very impressed with her at that exam. I am thinking she will be more determined to find the left ovary. And if she is not, I plan to help her be determined because I am going to refuse to get off that table until the left ovary/follicles are seen, even if I have to find them myself!! 🙂

Cycle One is still alive! If the follicles continue to grow (H said today they are growing at a slow pace) insemination will just be delayed. If the follicles seem to be stalled in growth, Cycle One is over.

Today I have had so many people either call, email or write on the blog that they are praying. The Bible Study I have been going to stopped in the middle of prayer requests to pray for me today when Angele was telling them what was going on. (I wasn’t there.) My mom told me today of someone who called her from church saying she was praying things would go well. I thank each and every one of you for your prayer support. That is exactly what we need at this time – fellow believers calling on the Lord for us. Prayer is crucial in this process and is just another way for God to receive glory when we see the Hand of God interceding.

New prayer requests to follow.

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