Low Temps

When we first started trying to get pregnant back in August, I read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It was all about natural family planning. The first few chapters or so explain, in detail, everything that must happen for conception to take place. After reading that I realized even more that any birth is a miracle of God because of all the things that have to happen, in a specific order and time, for conception to happen. I used to think sperm meets egg and bam, there’s a baby. And while that does happen, I wasn’t aware of all the preparations both the female and male body go through to prepare for conception. It is just fascinating and shows once again what a mighty God we serve. And it makes it easy to understand why 1 out of 6 couples suffers with infertility.

The baseline of preventing or achieving a pregnancy is to chart temperatures (among other things). Temperatures are low before ovulation and high after ovulation and there is a distinct difference between the highs and lows. When the temps spike, ovulation was probably the day before the temperature spiked. Now, to give Dr. Fox some credit, it can be hard at times to distinguish between the highs and lows and pinpoint the day of ovulation. However, after charting for about 18 months now, I know my body and cycles pretty well. And my temperatures are very low, indicating ovulation has not occurred. I wish doctors in general would give more credit to this.

I have yet to hear from the doctor about the blood test results. I’ll call at 9:30 A.M. if they haven’t already called me.

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