One follicle on right and One follicle on LEFT

This morning I went in and wasn’t on that table more than a minute and S finds the LEFT ovary and declares, “You have an absolutely perfect follicle here. They don’t come better than this.” She printed off a picture and handed it to me to keep. This follicle on the left is 15mm. It looks like the other follicle on the left did stop growing which is perfectly normal and fine because our goal here is one healthy baby, not triplets!

Then she went to the right ovary and found it right away and announced that there is a 13mm follicle there.

Cycle One is still on go. I will go back tomorrow for another ultrasound to check growth once again. But in the words of S as we were leaving the ultrasound room, “Things are going perfect.”

When I asked S what would be done if the follicles are ready for ovulation/insemination on the weekend she said, “Then we do it on the weekend.” S says we will probably be ready for insemination on Saturday/Sunday or Sunday/Monday.

As the plaque in my living room states, “PRAYER CHANGES THINGS”. It does. And as I am learning, it can change not only our circumstances but our perspective on our circumstances too. Thank you for praying. Prayer requests to follow.

One thought on “One follicle on right and One follicle on LEFT

  1. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Halleeeelujah!!!!!!!! (Hallelujah chorus sung!) We praise the Lord for the wonderous report today. We continue to pray for these 2 follicles and for ovulation/insemination procedures. We love you soooooo much!
    A. Naomi and U. Jay

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