Up and Down, Up and Down

Up and down, up and down. There are no other words to describe this journey.

Today was a down. A big down. However today was a different down than usual, especially for me. So in a way, today’s down was a huge victory for me. Instead of losing it emotionally and crying uncontrollably, screaming, hitting, and feeling completely hopeless, I cried and had my time of mourning, but then moved on to the next step instead of staying in hopelessness. And because of that, God received glory today.

We went to the doctor’s office early this morning for insemination but ended up not being able to inseminate. The sperm sample was not adequate for insemination. The nurse handed us a kit to collect a sample at home.

Dr. F told us this is not terribly uncommon. He told us to not stress about this morning at all, but to go home and relax and enjoy the day together to be ready for tomorrow. Also, he said the second insemination is the most important anyway as far as timing goes. He said ovulation occurs most commonly between 30-50 hours after the shot. 30 hours will be 3:00 A.M.

Tonight I am resting in the truth that if this is the month, it WILL happen, no matter the circumstances. And that is the difference in today’s down from all the others. To God be the glory.

Please, please pray for us tomorrow.

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