Staying very busy

Keeping myself busy really does help me not to sit and think and contemplate about what I HOPE is happening in my body.

I spent most of today with Angele and Kelly. Tomorrow I will keep busy with Amanda. I am going to see Grace and Evan at some point. Next week, I plan to help Maria get her classroom set up for this new school year. She had to move classrooms again this year and has lots to get organized. Also, next Tuesday is Grace’s 10th birthday! I look forward to celebrating with her.

So thank you to all the local family and friends here that are helping me stay busy!

And I cannot say enough to EVERYONE: Thank you so much for praying! Everywhere I go it seems I hear people say, “I am praying for you.” Many of you have left comments on this blog saying you are praying. I have received several emails from people saying they are praying. Thank you! It really is sustaining me through this waiting time.

Keep praying!!

2 thoughts on “Staying very busy

  1. Hi! You don’t know me, but I read about you and your husband on a recent blog by my friend Ashley Honea. I just want to tell you that I just prayed for you and will continue. I know the pain and longing of wanting a child and not having it happen in your timing. I also know the worry and heartache that comes with that and my heart hurts for you. I am encouraged and pray that the Lord blesses you for your positive and gracious attitude. I love the witness that it sounds like you’re being with everyone involved in this process and I truly feel that the Lord will honor that. Thanks for sharing your journey in a way that the world can read about!

    -Kristin Day

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