2 Good Follicles!

All’s well that ends well…and everything that ends with God MUST end well.

There is a 20mm and 15mm follicle in the right ovary. I will receive the hCG shot tonight at 9pm to induce ovulation within 30-50 hours.

Our first insemination will be tomorrow at 9am. The second insemination will be Monday morning.

We have 246 million motile sperm frozen. Only 75 million of those are expected to survive the unfreeze. (There is a 30% return.) Considering in a normal conception only a few hundred sperm actually make it into the fallopian tubes, 75 million sperm is a HUGE blessing. (Last cycle we had only 23.7 million sperm swimming around in there.) Yes, prayer changes things.

September 29th will be the end of the 2-week wait.

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