And now…we wait…again

Day two went just as well as day one. We had 24 million sperm for today’s insemination so that is a total of 47 million! I know I had originally written that we would probably have 75 million sperm.

That figure was wrong…partly because I am mathematically challenged and partly because T forgot to factor something in when she was figuring up our numbers. I’m telling you, the whole sperm aspect is so confusing. There are these formulas that T uses to get the counts and for a girl who had hives in highschool every time it was time to sit down and do algebra homework, it is just confusing.

And yes, I really did get hives every time it was algebra homework time. Fortunately, I grew up in a home with a math wiz father who tutored me through every single math class I had to take during highschool and college. Notice the word had. I didn’t ever sign up for a math class I didn’t have to have to graduate…unlike my father who took some math classes just for the “fun” of it! Anyways, I survived all my math classes with A’s thanks to my dad. And I have lots of good memories from the many hours I spent studying math with my dad by my side.

I know this post is all over the map and covers many topics. I try to keep my posts well organized so it is easy to read. This one is an exception. 🙂

My perspective has somewhat changed from last cycle’s 2-week wait. Last cycle it just about drove me crazy to have to wait 14 days to know if I was pregnant. This cycle, I guess you could say I’ve just accepted the fact that the 2-week wait is a necessary, unavoidable part of this process and the only thing I can do is just, well…wait.

I also see September 29th (blood test day) in a different light than how I looked at August 4th. The fact of the matter is I have prayed all day and even before then, believing that God CAN allow conception to happen today. There is absolutely nothing I can do to make it happen. Nothing! It’s totally in the very capable hands of my Heavenly Father. I certainly desire that He create Baby today. But September 29th isn’t a day of finding out if this procedure worked. It is a day of learning more about God’s Plan for my life at this time.

That is not an easy thing to say. And I know if the results are the same as August 4th there will be tears. But there will also be a better understanding of the meaning behind the day. That day won’t be so much about another dream gone, another failed procedure and thoughts of going through it all over again. More than anything, on that day, I want the focus to be on the truths God has taught me through this experience, especially in the last month.

I leave you with a picture of something only the hand of God can do…


Please continue to pray God would perform this miracle in me today!

3 thoughts on “And now…we wait…again

  1. I have tears in my eyes. Just look at what God has already done in your life this month. I pray God will allow conception to take place. I've prayed that prayer all day long. I'm so glad you came to my office today and we could just be together and then pray together, one more time. Two weeks … 14 days … 1/2 of a month … Sometimes they go by fast, sometimes 2 weeks go by slowly … We'll just take one day at a time and then Sept. 29th will be here and we'll walk through it with the Lord at our side – YOUR side, DAVE's side.

    You rambled on your post – I ramble now :>) Love ya

  2. Interesting that you would post a sperm heading toward an egg. In my mind, all day yesterday, that was the image I had.

    Love you,

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