Prayer Requests #12

23 million sperm made it today. That is lower than first expected (not as many survived the unfreeze) BUT 23 million is still an excellent number. And there is still tomorrow!

My Aunt Naomi left a comment saying I am being bathed in prayer and I can feel it. Thank you so much for all the prayers prayed for us today. Keep praying – if Baby is to be conceived this month, tomorrow is the day!

Here are some specific prayer requests for, especially, tomorrow:

1. Ovulation should be occurring soon. Pray the hCG shot will do it’s job and mature the follicles to ovulation. Pray the follicles will be healthy and that one, or both, will be fertilized.

2. Pray for lots more healthy mobile sperm tomorrow and that more will survive the unfreeze. **We had good sperm counts for both inseminations!

3. Pray conception will occur – once, or twice! šŸ™‚

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