A Lost Post

I had almost written an entire post just now and the computer died.

Have you ever stopped to consider that God is in control of ALL things – even a computer crashing?

I wrote a post but obviously God didn’t want it published.

Because the post was partly about where this journey may take us if I am not pregnant.

I believe God speaks through anything. Not so much an audible voice like he spoke with to Moses or Abraham. But He still speaks. We just have to have to have our "Listening Ears" on. (A term that was frequently used during the four years I taught 4th grade.)

When I wrote that post, the computer died and I rebooted and it was gone, and God said, "Elaine, would you please just trust me and stop all your worry about what may or may not happen?"

So instead of worrying I’m going to put my worry energy into another Day of Prayer for Baby.

The day will be October 22nd – the day of the blood test.

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