A New Beginning & Prayer Requests # 13

On the very day I found out for sure I wasn’t pregnant, I met with Dr. L to discuss the next cycle. I do not feel God is asking me to wait a month before starting the next cycle this time. Instead, I hear Him saying, “Move forward now!”

So here we are 3 days into Cycle 4.

This was my prayer this morning:

God, I give this cycle to you. You know everything that needs to come together. You know how many sperm and You know how many eggs. And this time I am going to come before you daily and pray my heart’s desire… that You would choose to let it happen this cycle. Because of everything You have taught me since August 4th, I can rest assured, knowing if You do not choose to let it happen, it is ok. You just have something better planned. Since August of 2007, this journey has been nothing but amazing. I stand waiting with great expectation of what You will do next. To God be the glory. Amen!

Prayer Requests #13

  1. Pray that I will continue to surrender my Will for God’s Will because His is a whole lot better than mine!
  2. Pray for Cycle 4, especially in the next week or so as follicles are growing and developing.
  3. Pray the Femara and Menopur will do their job and get four healthy follicles ready to ovulate. **God says one or two is enough.
  4. Pray for it to happen this cycle!

4 thoughts on “A New Beginning & Prayer Requests # 13

  1. Prayers for you! I am in the same boat. Just found out after IUI that I am not pregnant. had two m/c in the past 7 months. Go for f/u dr. appt. tomorrow and pray all is clear so I can do the meds again this month.
    After praying and praying I have a sense of peace this time. I know God is good and will not let us down, there must be lessons we have to learn and have through out this difficult process.

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