Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Even though I’m home all day today so I can get things done around this house, my mind is obviously consumed with tomorrow. So don’t be surprised if you read 12 posts on here by the end of the day! 🙂

I’m curious about something. Early pregnancy symptoms.

  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • implantation cramping
  • implantation spotting
  • tender breasts and nipples
  • excessive urination

Apparently some people experience this while others do not.

If I am indeed pregnant, I’ll be one of those people who doesn’t feel a thing. Every cycle I sit around waiting for cramping, spotting, nausea, fatigue. And every cycle? Nothing!

A friend of mine left a comment saying she has never felt the early symptoms of pregnancy – and she’s been pregnant 6 times!

My mom, who has been pregnant 7 times, told me she never “felt pregnant”. She always just had to wait to test to find out.

So now that my curiosity is up concerning this matter I would love to hear from you if you’ve ever been pregnant.

Did you have any early symptoms?

If you did experience these symptoms, don’t be afraid to tell me you did. And if you didn’t experience any early symptoms, let me know!

If anything, your comments will help to occupy the time until tomorrow!

That, and laundry and cleaning …

8 thoughts on “Early Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. With Grace, I felt nothing before I found out. I had actually had a GI procedure with sedation the week before I realized I was pregnant, and was really freaked out. I thought the drugs they had given could hurt the baby. I remember the nurse asking “Are you pregnant” when she started my IV, and I said “of course not.” Shows you how much I knew.
    I didn’t really feel any different before I had Evan either. So, I obviously am one of those people, too. I had two pretty easy pregnancies. I had a spotting scare with Evan, and I was tired with both of them early on, but other than that, pregnancy was wonderful. Hope this takes your mind off tomorrow! I’ll be praying.
    Pray for Evan. He’s been running a fever since yesterday, and he’s pretty miserable. He keeps saying his brain hurts. Glad y’all made it home safely. Love ya!

  2. with miller, i felt nothing. due to what was going on with my cycles, i didn’t know i was pregnant until i was 7 weeks. my symptoms started at 6 weeks and it was really just nausea. this time, i started having symptoms at 3 weeks. i was tired and hungry all the time and a tiny bit nauseated. keep in mind that some people never even have some of those symptoms ever. i nkow this time is so killer…hang in there.

  3. I had the fatigue and tender breasts. But I didn’t really know I was pregnant until I missed my period and took the test.

  4. This is funny that you have ocupied your time with entry blogs. Of course, I love it because I love to read what you write and think. I’m so glad I had you, Elaine, and your brother, Wesley. God will bless you with a child, I know it. We just don’t know when but I keep praying that it is in around 38 weeks from now. See you tonight.

  5. oh…i know what your going through…the waiting part right before the testing part is so long and you think so many thoughts! I hope this is your month though and that soon you will start to feel pregnancy symptoms!

  6. I had symptoms from the time we conceived. Mainly frequent urination and tender breasts. But I wouldn’t let myself believe I was pregnant until I saw the positive lines on the pregnancy test.

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