When the nurse entered the room yesterday with the sperm she said, “You have 9.6 million for today.” Expecting a number much greater than that I asked, “What did you say?” She repeated, “You have 9.6 million sperm.” Disappointment set in that more than that had not survived the unfreeze. (We were told to expect approximately 20 million.)

But then the prayer I had written in my journal just four hours before the 2:30 procedure replayed in my mind…


In four hours the first sperm will enter in. God, I pray Your Hand would be on every frozen sperm even right now. I pray for each one that You desire to survive the unfreeze. I pray these sperm will be healthy and mobile and will head in the direction of the egg(s). I pray you would keep them there waiting…

9.6 million sperm did not surprise God at all yesterday. I firmly believe He hand-picked those 9.6 million.

Today we had 17 million survive and make it in. So that brings a total of 26.6 million sperm hand-picked by God Himself.

And now I repeat the prayer I prayed yesterday four hours before the first insemination…

And then when the egg(s) burst out, I pray the one You have planned from the beginning of time will get there! I pray You would place that sperm in the egg and create Baby. God, you alone can do this. Please complete the work You have started in me.

I love you,


Waiting is a good place to be. There is absolutely nothing I can do to make a sperm find an egg. It’s all God. If it happens, IT IS ALL GOD.

God is the Creator of Life. Not me. Not Dave. Not T. Not Dr. L.


Pray like you’ve never prayed for me before…fervently, continuously that God will create LIFE…TODAY!

And remember…pray for Baby Goodlett too!

6 thoughts on “Enough

  1. well i sure am glad that you ended up with a good number! i Prayed for you from the time i got up at 4am until the time i walked through the door (about an hour ago). i really hope this is our month! God is so good!

  2. I am a new reader who recently found your blog (I am a Christian who has been TTC for 6 months and was looking for encouragement…). Anyway, I just had to post and say that your God-centered, full of faith prayers brought tears to my eyes. Yes, God has picked each sperm and egg for your IUI. Praise him! I said a prayer for you and your husband today.

  3. I’ve been praying off and on all day. I’ll never forget this day of prayer – it’s been amazing. It’s touching to me to see so many praying from so many different locations and walks in life. As Elaine’s Mom, let me tell you thank you for standing with us on this!

  4. We are praying here from Brazil! Yep, prayers from all over!

    God knows the plans He has for you and for Baby Sheldon… He has it all planned out. Isn’t that amazing? That is where our part comes in: FAITH, and you have that. Now all you can do is wait and have faith in the ONLY one who knows.

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