Too Busy it seems…

It is so easy to allow yourself to contantly live life in the fast-lane. I do not like living life in the fast-lane as my way of life. Does that make any kind of sence?? But I do notice there are days or weeks every once in while that seem to be busy to the point of stressing me out. And I don’t even have kids…yet!

This is one of those weeks were I leave the house in the early morning and don’t arrive home until late in the evening for various reasons. I know there are some people who choose to live their life this way but I don’t like too.

So I’ve declared today a “Be still and know that God is God” day. When you don’t have even 5 minutes to spend with the Lord, you know you’re too busy. (I’m speaking to myself.)

I’ve also learned it is very therapeutic for me to write in this blog. I love to write. Before this blog, I would write in journals and I think, to this day, I’ve filled 30+ notebooks will journal entrees beginning when I was 15 years old. So it is nice to be typing away now.

Well, I’m not really sure the purpose of this blog entree other than for those of you that don’t know me personally, you probably learned a few things about me by reading this. And maybe those of you that do know me didn’t know these things about me.

Oh one more thing…since we are learning trivial things about me…

We are leaving Thursday for Ridgecrest. Wednesday after getting home from work around 6:30 I’ll do the laundry and then I’ll pack Thursday for us to leave around 4pm. I never wait to pack on the day we leave to travel. But there just isn’t time to do laundry and pack before then.

I’m ok, really. I know things will once again slow down. And all the things that are making me so busy are all things I want to do. But thank goodness, my life doesn’t go at this pace all the time.

We are on Day 6 of 14 … eight days to go.

2 thoughts on “Too Busy it seems…

  1. I know how you feel about things getting busy. It seems things have a way of coming all at once and just pile on! I agree with you about not wanting to live busy as a way of life. I find that I have to be mindful and CHOOSE to simplify things or I’ll find myself going all the time. When you fill all your time with comings and goings and doings it’s much harder to LIVE and enjoy life in the moment and cherish the time. I like how you said that all the things that were making you busy were things you wanted to do. Me too – It makes me think about God creating the world (now that’s important stuff – He wanted to do) – and even He took a day to rest. If HE needed it – then it sure makes sense that we do too!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    Ok – long comment – this should have been an email. šŸ™‚

    Love you!

  2. I do understand and I do know this about you … you are like me. :>) When I am busy, I don't spend as much time with my Lord! I've had a good time with him this morning and I've packed my Bible and books to spend my lunch hour with Him today.
    Love you and am praying for you to get everything done to leave for our beloved RIDGECREST!

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