Work in Progess

My mom forwarded me an email Judy wrote. These words are powerful.

“Have you ever taken one piece of a jigsaw puzzle and wondered what it is going to be? That is how we look at life, in comparison to what God knows and sees. God knows Elaine’s jigsaw puzzle, and she will continue to be given the pieces until she, too, gets to see the masterpiece.”

God is still at work. He has not brought me to a dead end. He has brought me to a new road filled with questions and uncertainties. But He is not dropping me off saying, “See you later!” No – He is saying, “Come, my daughter, let me walk with you and show you the way.”

One day, I am confident I will see a beautiful masterpiece as all the heartaches and pain join together with the love, mercy and perfect Will of God.

God is [still] faithful!

And you are still praying. Thank you!

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