Failed CCT & a Window of Opportunity

I failed the Clomid Challenge Test.

Day 3 FSH: 7.8

Day 10 FSH: 13.3 (Should be <10)

Day 21 Progesterone: 19.7

I couldn’t help but start crying right there in the doctor’s office.

However, contrary to what I had read on the internet about failing a Clomid Challenge Test, I quickly learned that failing for me was not complete gloom and doom for one simple reason.

My age.

Dr. L told me that a Clomid Challenge Test is an indirect measure of my egg quality and age is a far more important factor.

So basically, finding all this out could not have come at a more perfect time.

I am 27.

The endometriosis is gone.

The events of the past almost 18 months have been woven together into a window of opportunity that only the Hand of God could do.

If we are going to have biological children, NOW is our window of opportunity, given these newfound circumstances.

I believe this window of opportunity is a gift from God.

God’s Timing is always perfect and way better planned out than we can plan things out.

At first, I couldn’t help but be mad and angry that it was me who had to have the endometriosis and consequentially, fail the CCT.

But looking at things from God’s perspective always gives you the brighter side.

God is still at work bringing this journey to completion for His glory alone.

I still wait in great expectation of what God is going to do next.

Please pray with Dave and me, especially in the next few days, as we pray for God’s guidance and peace towards choosing the next path and moving towards it.

Thank you for your prayers today!

13 thoughts on “Failed CCT & a Window of Opportunity

  1. I’m not sure I understand what all of this means or how it all will work out, but it did remind me of back in December when you were trying to decide whether it was worth it or not to do this test. In the end, you just wanted to be more informed about your body so you did do it. But without having done it, you wouldn’t have known these results. You would only have the 4.5 from the March before to go off of. Now, knowing this information gives you a jumping off point for your next step in the journey. And I know that God’s still guiding you step-by-step. Don’t lose that hope. Hold on to it with everything you have. And He’ll get you to the end. He promises it 🙂

  2. Hi, I found your blog via MckMamma's & thought I write to say… I to experienced infertility & went thru all the FUN (NOT!) test, Clomid Challenge, Injections, IUI's, etc… so I've been there. The Lord saw fit to bless my husband & I with a little girl almost 2yrs ago now… so be patient, wait upon the Lord (yes, I know easier said that done sometimes… & kinda agreevating when people tell it to you)… Anyways, I'll be praying for you & your husband that the Lord will also see fit to bless y'all with your own miracle. And a verse that was shared with me during my "time" was Psalm 113:9… make it bring you comfort.

  3. Hi. I found your blog via MckMamma's blog. I too experienced infertility & went through the IUI's, Clomid Challenge, all the fun (NOT!) test, injections, etc… I just wanted to tell you not to lose faith… The Lord saw fit to bless my husband & I with a little girl; it is my prayer that he sees fit to bless you & your husband too. A verse that was shared with me during my "time" was Psalm 113:9… I pray it brings you comfort as it did me.

  4. Mandy is right on target!

    I, like you and Dave, still feel that peace that only our LORD can give us!

    As we talked, Elaine and I started pointing out that we see the why’s and the why not’s of different situations. It is good to already be able to see some of the puzzle pieces making sense.

    We continue to believe for HIS PERFECT WILL and give HIM all THE GLORY.

    Your Mama

  5. Elaine, I know the cry from the deapth of your pit, the anger that comes after bad news, but I also know the trust in the Lord, the confidence in God’s perfect plan. I’m so glad you were able to move thru these emotions and can see God’s hand in the last 18 months. I love you and continue to pray for you. God bless you reall good. A. Naomi

  6. Don’t blame your body for the bad news! Remember that in God’s original plan our bodies were never to suffer things like endometriosis and infertility. Sin in the world has made our bodies frail but God is bigger than all of this. He is redeeming this situation at every step. He brought you to a doctor who has the knowledge to treat you, gave you this information at the perfect time and He will bring this to completion!!! I’ll pray for peace and direction for your next steps.

  7. I just wanted to give you some hope. I had PCO, Stage 3 endo, and fibroids.

    I failed my CCT as well.

    The first time I conceived was one month after my second laparoscopy to excise the endo. I was on 250 Clomid, and Follistim on days 9 & 10 @ 75 iu, to help boost up the egg size and thicken my lining. It was off label and experimental, and it worked.

    I will be praying! If you have any questions for me feel free to email me at

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