IUI Schedule

Here’s our schedule for our 4th IUI (5th if you count the one that was cancelled):

Tonight 9:30pm – hCG injection (to induce ovulation)

No, I will not be giving myself this shot. It must be done with a much longer needle and must be injected in the lower back area. I am not that brave. My parents’ neighbor, who is a nurse, will be giving it to me.

Thursday, March 12 – Insemination at 2pm

Friday, March 13 – Insemination at 9:30am

Friday, March 27 – Blood Test

Sometime soon, I hope to write about my thoughts towards this one follicle who I am affectionately calling The Lone Ranger.

9 thoughts on “IUI Schedule

  1. I’m praying that this is the time for your miracle; however, if it’s not, I pray that you find peace and contentment in Christ! I love you! I’ll be praying for you often while I’m gone! Ashlie

  2. Praying that this is your month and that your “lone ranger” was the perfect one sent from God to be conceived through IUI instead of IVF. Wouldn’t that be great? My IUI is next week. We could be a week apart sort of like we would have been back in Sept. Praying for you girl and I know that this is all going to be ok for u. I feel that way for us both.

  3. i am praying for you and God’s will in your lives. He will work in His time, even with only one “lone ranger”. 🙂

  4. This is your first IUI with no endometriosis! I am hopeful!! I am praying for “Lone Ranger” (and for you too!) 🙂 🙂

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