Looking at the Bright Side

For every situation, we have to look at the bright side, right??

Well, I got to thinking of something this morning …

If the IVF cycle had gone as we had planned, I’d probably be in the 2-week wait by now and honestly, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through that time and then handle whatever news followed!

On the other hand, I haven’t even thought much about the 2-week wait with this IUI we did instead.

Of all the steps of the IVF process, I was dreading the 2-week wait and the beta test the most.

I’m truly glad I’m not going through that right now … unless of course it was finally going to be good news! But that’s the thing … you never know the outcome until you know the outcome.

And that is so nerve-wracking!

5 thoughts on “Looking at the Bright Side

  1. I’m glad to hear that you have’nt been thinking too much about the outcome of all this, Because that is the worst part of any fertility treatment, the 2 week waiting for the outcome.

    Keeping you in my prayers

  2. Yup, there’s always something positive to take from every situation. The 2 weeks wait will be well worth it if the outcome is what we want and it will be one day

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