The sun will shine again

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much rain in my life! It has been a rainy week. It started raining on Sunday and here it is Thursday and it is still a dreary rainy day outside.


I was thinking yesterday of how this rainy week is a good picture of my battle through infertility treatments.

Going through infertility is anything but sunshine and roses and is definitely like a rainy dreary day with a glimmer of sunshine in the mix.

Going through treatments, there is always a glimmer of hope that maybe this month will finally be IT!

There have been periods of time where the rain does stop. But then the infamous day arrives. The day where I would learn if I was pregnant or not. And always, the rain poured – hard.

Last night Dave and I were watching a movie and when we started the movie we were in one of those periods when it wasn’t raining. Then, the bottom fell out again and the rain was pouring and the wind was howling.

It reminded me so much of those three days when we learned our IUI cycles had failed. A storm of the emotional sense would rage through our home on those days.

The rain didn’t fall forever last night and the storm didn’t last forever when we heard of another failed attempt at pregnancy.

That’s how storms are. They are temporary, lasting only for a time.

In the midst of the storm our focus must be that the sun will shine again.

2 thoughts on “The sun will shine again

  1. Yes, and in those times, when we can see the sun we are reminded that the SON (God, HS)is always there and with us and carrying us through.

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