81 Hours

Perhaps the biggest emotional struggle of adoption is the wait that comes after the birth.

We knew we had about two days to wait.

Thank God, at the time of Little Bug’s birth we didn’t know we’d end up having to wait over three days for Little Bug to officially become our little girl.

Once again, the details of those three days have no place on this blog so I will suffice it to say that they were three of the most agonizing days of my entire life.

I will say that the extended wait came not from Tracy second-guessing her adoption plan, but from other issues that will not be discussed on the blog.

It was only by the grace of God that I slept at all those three nights and that I was able to get up in the morning and somewhat function throughout the day.

Through the continued work of God and two incredibly awesome lawyers, on May 30th, 2009, eighty-one hours after Little Bug’s birth, my cell phone rang!

It was K and she said, “SHE’S YOURS!! Tracy signed the consent and she is all yours!”

100_4750Moments after K’s call

I yelled, “She’s ours!” for the entire house to hear and then after a moment of celebration and a prayer, Dave and I headed to the hospital to be with our baby girl.

Little Bug was NICU buddies with Jean’s little baby boy, Ethan! Jean and I spent a lot of time together talking in the NICU as we waited for our babies to be released. We now share a beautiful friendship and marvel at the fact that God brought our families together through the miracle of adoption.

023 Little Bug and Ethan at 5 months old

Little Bug had to go through withdrawals from being exposed to methadone in the womb. We had been told Little Bug would be in the hospital anywhere from 5 days to 3 months.

God mercifully allowed Little Bug to be released from the hospital after only a 5-day NICU stay!

At seven days old, we brought Little Bug home and my journey of motherhood began.



to be continued…

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