She Will Be Here in the Month of May

Even though Little Bug’s due date wasn’t until June 14th, God wanted that poem He gave me back in January, before I knew anything of the miracle He was about to perform, to mean something.

On the night of May 26th, 2009, Dave and I were on our way home from eating dinner at my parents’ house.

The cell phone rang just as we were pulling into our driveway. I frantically answered as it was late and I knew it had to be Tracy calling saying she was in labor.

Sure enough, it was.

Dave and I arrived at the hospital just after midnight.

We spent some time with Tracy in her labor/delivery room and then we spent some time in the waiting room.

Once again, God had a specific purpose for us entering the waiting room that night.

Also waiting in the waiting room was Laura and her two sleeping children.

Through conversation in a dimly lit waiting room we learned Laura was there because her sister-in-law was adopting a baby and the birth mom was in labor!

We had an instant connection with Laura when we told her that we, too, were there because our birth mom was in labor as well!

Jean, Laura’s sister-in-law, came flying into the waiting room to give Laura an update and we were introduced.

Around 7am, I received a phone call from Tracy’s mother saying that the baby was coming and to come to the delivery room immediately.

Dave and I started walking towards the room when all of a sudden I left him in the dust and started running towards the room.

Some nurses in the hallway asked me to stop running, but I don’t think they could have caught me if they tried!

I opened the door and heard a tiny little cry. Little Bug had just made her grand entrance into the world at 7:11am on May 27, 2009.


I walked over to Tracy and about that time the doctor was asking who was going to cut the cord.

Tracy pointed to me and said, “She is.”

I cut Little Bug’s cord and then walked over with her to the table where a nurse took her vitals and started cleaning her up.

I asked the nurse if I could touch her. She told me I could. I put my finger in her tiny little hand and she grasped it the entire time the nurses were cleaning her up.

When Little Bug was clean and swaddled, the nurse asked if I wanted to hold her.


I told her Tracy needed to hold her first. Tracy wanted to hold her first and then “give her to her Mama”.

The moment I held Little Bug for the first time will be a moment I’ll never forget. I can’t imagine the moment being any more special than it was even if I had given birth to her myself.


I fell in love with that baby girl and so did Dave. He had the biggest smile on his face as I handed her to him.


It had only been 6 weeks and 6 days since I walked into the adoption agency!

Only two short months ago, we were trying to pick up the pieces from that horrible IVF cycle.

But true to the words of that poem,a baby girl had been born in the month of May!

Standing there in the delivery room, holding that precious bundle of joy, I knew God’s ways were bigger and better than my own and I thanked Him for guiding us every step of the way toward the miracle of Little Bug.

And I asked Him to grant me the strength I needed to get through the next two days as we waited for Tracy to sign her consent.

to be continued…

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