Happy Easter

The Christmas Story continues with the Easter Story.

Baby Jesus lived his life here on earth and completed the plans His Heavenly Father had for Him.

Jesus came to earth as a baby born in a manger so that He could one day die on an old rugged cross as payment for our sins.

Even death could not defeat Him. He did not stay dead.

He is risen!

Hope is forever alive because He is alive!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Hear! Hear!….Yes. Alleluja…Jesus is Risen!

    Little Bug is soooooooo cute! Love the new photos.

    Not sure if I have updated you or not…but I told you before that your mention of embryo adoption last summer sparked an option for us we had not considered. We are now 6 weeks pregnant with our adopted embryo. We are thrilled. I’m praying very hard this pregnancy is healthy as we have had some early spotting…but I have faith that God’s plans are in place. You are an inspiration to me with your spiritual focus in life. Thank you so much for all you write and share with us. It has become a great source of reflection in my own life and has sparked new converstations with my husband about the need to really centralize our faith as a family(I am Catholic and he was raised Baptist). He is not fond of the Catholic church (I can’t blame him…unless you are born into it like me…it is a little overwhelming) …so I think we are going on the church hunt so that we find something that fits us as a family. Our son is 2 this month and really starting to digest the bible stories I read him so it is time to really bring that focus into our home and find a faith community.

    Happy Easter to you and your Family.


  2. Happy Easter to your family to! Little bug looks so cute! I love your blog! It’s been a comfort to me in difficult times, because it’s a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness and that His plans may not always be the same as our plans are, but so much more than what we could ever dream of!

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