Baby Sunshine Update: Please pray tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day. Baby Sunshine’s biological father has the opportunity to give up his parental rights to Baby Sunshine without a trial. (Remember, Baby Sunshine’s biological mother unexpectedly passed away a few months ago.)

Please pray for this situation tomorrow and that God’s perfect will will work out in the life of little Baby Sunshine.

I will go ahead and give an Uncle David update too!

June 29th marked five months since Uncle David’s aneurysm.

Uncle David went back to work part-time on June 22nd! He will eventually go back to work full-time.

He is doing remarkably well and has made an almost complete recovery in just 5 months time.

Nothing short of a miracle!

2 thoughts on “Baby Sunshine Update: Please pray tomorrow

  1. Praise God for the progress your uncle has made! Truly a miracle.

    I didn’t have a chance to leave a comment before now, but I was praying for Baby Sunshine. I hope things went well.

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