helping Mama and piñatas

We now block Little Bug’s closet door or else this happens during Independent Play:DSCN5334

Little Bug helped Mama clean the fridgeDSCN5340

I had pulled out expired foods and put them on the kitchen floor. I told Little Bug to throw them in the trash can …DSCN5343 

…which she did!!DSCN5341 I was a little leery in doing this while Little Bug was awake, but she did fabulous! She helped some and went off and played with her toys in the Living Room some too.


Little Bug still loves to chew on washcloths in the tub!DSCN5349 

We went to a birthday party for Little Bug’s friend who is turning 2! Little Bug hit her first piñata! She did great! She went out there with all the kids and had her turn!DSCN5355

Have I told you lately that my baby girl is growing into a little girl more and more every day?!

4 thoughts on “helping Mama and piñatas

  1. Be careful about letting her throw things away. She may start making decisions about what she thinks should be thrown away. Check the garbage the next time you are looking for your keys.:)

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