One Nap not going well

And it’s not because she’s not ready for only one nap.

It’s because her one nap remains to be short. That first day of a 2.5 hour nap must have been a fluke.


She is doing fine staying up during the time she would have been taking her morning nap. But, yesterday and today she is sleeping 1.5 hours and then waking up crying. Waking up crying means she is not done sleeping. Yesterday I left her in the crib (crying) until 2 hours was up. Same story today. 🙁

So, what to do???

I read on the babywise blog that it is not unusual for the toddler to take shorter naps once transitioning to only one nap. Within a week or so, their bodies get used to only one nap and the nap lengthens.

Back when I did that experiment in August to determine whether Little Bug was ready to drop the morning nap or not, I found that Little Bug needs 11 hours of nighttime sleep and 2 hours of daytime sleep (nap) for a total of 13 hours of sleep per day.

I am hopeful that this waking after only 1.5 hours is just her body needing to adjust to only one nap. However, I do realize that it could also be because I haven’t quite nailed down what time bedtime and naptime need to be for optimal sleep to be achieved.

I did put Little Bug to bed at 8:15 (instead of 8:30) last night since she had only had the 1.5 hour nap. She went right to sleep and I had to wake her today at 8:15am. 12 hours of sleep. Which means she has technically gotten her 13 hours of sleep today with just a 1.5 hour nap…BUT she did still wake up crying which is a for sure sign of waking before getting adequate sleep. (And no, she isn’t teething or sick…)

I guess it is just going to take some time to figure all this out…

On the other hand, Independent Play is going GREAT!

We made it to 30 minutes this morning! She played happily the entire time!

I think maybe the key here is alternating the toys I put out for her to play with very frequently. I usually put out 3 or 4 things to do and I’ve been trying to alternate what is out so she isn’t playing with the same thing two days in a row.

Another thing I know that has helped is being very consistent with the timer. I set the timer, tell her it is time to play with her toys and leave. I don’t come back until the timer goes off (or if I hear an “I’m hurt” cry, which has happened once). Consistency pays off in dividends with kids in every matter (eating, sleeping, discipline, etc…), I am convinced!

Next goal: 45 minutes!

And as far as a sleeping goal, I really hope by the time we go on a trip at the end of this month, we’ve figured out naptime and bedtime (although I know travel can mess all that up very easily!).

3 thoughts on “One Nap not going well

  1. I’m sorry that the nap still hasn’t been totally worked out. Hopefully she just needs to adjust to it. I am curious about how IP works if there are siblings involved. Does it count as IP if there are other kids there? It seems like it wouldn’t. I worry about the quads always being with each other and this affecting their development somehow but I suppose the same would be true if there were different age siblings as well.

    • Sonja, the way I understand IP is that it is an activity done alone because the point of IP is for the child to play by him/herself to develop skills such as attention span and creativity. However, on the babywise blog I have read of parents with twins putting the babies together some for IP time and apart. I would think ideally you would want the babies all apart for this time BUT the problem might be in having 4 spots for the quads to do IP. OR (if I remember correctly you have the quads in two bedrooms, right?) you could have two babies doing IP in two separate bedrooms. Then swap the babies out so everyone gets some IP! Are you doing babywise with the quads? I LOVE your recent post with the photo shoot pics. PRECIOUS!!

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