trial and error

If you know me well you can probably guess I’ve been a research maniac lately on the 2 to 1 nap transition!

I’ve found most toddlers who wake around 7am are napping from 12 to 2. So, I’m thinking Little Bug’s naptime of 1pm should be pretty accurate considering Little Bug wakes at 8am.

So, hopefully these short naps are due to her little body needing to adjust!

I’ve decided to try this:

8am wake

1-3pm nap

8/8:15 bedtime

Well see what happens. Right now, it really is just trial and error.

Oh, and Little Bug did IP this morning while her Daddy was taking care of her (and I was sleeping!) and Dave reported she happily played for 30 minutes!

Monday morning we will start moving the timer towards 45 minutes!

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