Plucking Weeds

I was just outside plucking weeds in the flower bed. Whenever I am plucking weeds I always see a parallel to sin.

Weeds in a flower bed is like sin in our hearts.

Weeds are going to happen in a flower bed. No matter what I do, they always grow back. I’ve tried just about everything to get them to stay out of my flower bed: weed killer spray, adding more rocks to the flower bed, plucking by the roots. Doesn’t matter what I do – they always grow back.

I am human and because I am human my heart is going to have sin. Always. It’s a part of my sinful nature. No matter how “good” I try to be, I will always mess up.

So, because I can’t totally get rid of the weeds in my flower bed or the sin in my heart, I must maintain it constantly. As soon as I see the weeds poking through the rocks I get a bag and go outside to pluck the weeds. I know if I “let it go” I will have a huge, ugly mess in my flower bed before long. My flower bed will no longer be able to serve it’s purpose of being something pretty for people to see as they walk up to my front door. Instead, it will become an eyesore to me and to all my neighbors.

I have to constantly examine my heart as well. When I see sin pouring into my heart I have to “pluck it out” because if I don’t, my heart will soon become an ugly mess and I will not be able to serve the Lord with a joyful heart as He has called me to do.

Dealing with sin as soon as it is obvious is key because, just like a flower bed, it is so much easier to deal with the weeds (and the sin) before it has time to completely take over the flower bed (my heart).

Once the weeds (sin) have taken over my flower bed (my heart) it is going to be a back-breaking painful process to uproot all those weeds (sin). It can be done, but not without a lot of effort and pain.

It is easier to pluck at the first sign of a weed,


so my flower bed (and my heart) stays pretty and serves it’s purpose well.

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