20 Months!

I can hardly believe we are only 4 months away from Little Bug’s 2nd birthday.

There were a couple weeks where it seemed like we had returned to the 12-14ish month phase of get-in-to-everything-can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her-for-a-millisecond!

She was in to everything and kept me on my toes.

Any one else experience this around the 18-19th months?

Like every other “unpleasant” phase Little Bug has gone through in her lifetime, this phase came and went.


We are working on learning to eat with a fork! We first gave that a try a little after her first birthday. I could clearly see eating with her hands was much more efficient, so I decided to put off eating with a fork/spoon until 18 months old.

Little Bug has a fork or spoon at every meal and she does use it some. She still finds using her hand gets the food to her mouth quicker, but at least she is practicing with her utensils and I am hoping by the age of 2 she will have mastered the fork/spoon and won’t need to eat with her hands.

Little Bug’s vocabulary is simply amazing.

She can just about communicate anything she so desires and typically does so with 2-3 words she strings together.

The way her mind works and thinks about things is amazing.


Little Bug went to a museum for the first time while Mimi and Papaw were here! She enjoyed looking at everything! Little Bug is certainly not a “home body”. It drives her crazy to stay home for too long. She loves to get out and explore the world!

Little Bug’s favorite activities include: playing outside, reading books (and especially poems now…she says, “Poems!” and then gets the Nursery Rhyme book and says, “Heavy!” as she brings it to me!) and learning. Little Bug is a sponge. My dad LOVES teaching her new things. He will get our old Encyclopedia books out, open to a page and teach Little Bug about something. It’s amazing what Little Bug knows.

Little Bug has started to show her independence by wanting to dress herself in the morning. It is quite funny. She tries to get her pants or shirt on and then usually ends up in surrender saying, "”Heeelllpppp!!!”

Little Bug has started saying “Yes, mam” and “No mam”. She will say this whether the adult is male or female and she doesn’t say it every time, but it is a start!

Little Bug loves pictures! She loves to look through baby pictures of herself and asks to look at pictures almost everyday. She is just like her Mama in this area – I love pictures!

Little Bug is still in size 4 diapers, although she might be able to move to size 5 soon.

She never stops eating.


She drinks 16 ounces of milk a day. And yes, I still hold her for her to drink her milk like I did when she drank her bottles. This girl is constantly on the go and if I didn’t hold her to drink her milk, I wouldn’t ever hold her! I love that we still have these 4 snuggle times a day. She has started saying “Milt (milk) time!” when it’s time for milk. Then she walks to the rocking chair so we can snuggle.


She sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes a 2-2.5 hour afternoon nap. Little Bug sweats so easily! Just like her daddy. Sometimes she wakes up from a nap and her hair is literally ALL wet from sweating while she was sleeping.

I thought it would be useful for me to jot down Little Bug’s schedule (which has been pretty much the same since 12 months):

8am: wake up, get dressed, breakfast (milk)

10-11am: Independent Playtime

12:30pm: Lunch (milk)

1:30/2pm – 3:30/4/4:30pm: Naptime

4pm: snack with milk

8pm: Start bedtime routine (bath)

8:30pm: Prayers with Mommy & Daddy (milk)

8:45pm: In bed

***Times are approximate, except for times that have to do with sleeping. I have found the more consistent I am with times when it come to sleep, the better Little Bug sleeps!

***Also thrown into our days are reading time, outside time and learning time. These happen at about the same time each day, but I am not a stickler to times with these activities like I am with sleep times.

Having a flexible schedule is awesome. Little Bug knows what is next and I think that is why I do not have issues with Little Bug fighting nap time/bedtime. She knows it’s “nap time!” or "bedtime” and she lays down and goes to sleep.

Little Bug is such a BIG TEASE! Seriously, I have never met a 1 year old with such a HUGE sense of humor. We could tell Little Bug was a big tease soon after her first birthday. She will know that is is time for nap but she will look at me with this smirk on her face and say, “Pay (play) toys!!”. And then I will say, “No, it’s nap time, silly girl!” and she will just laugh and laugh at herself. She does things like this all day long. It is so funny. Dave and I often go to sleep at night laughing about the funny things Little Bug did or said that day. She is hilarious. Class clown in the making. Jokster. We have some wild days ahead with this girl. I love it! Smile


There was a season that Little Bug only wanted her Mommy. Recently, Little Bug has really started to bond with her Daddy too. She has obviously always loved Dave, but now she is returning that love instead of saying, “Mommy!” when Dave comes home from work and gives her a hug.


Dave spends some time with Little Bug each morning before he goes to work. Little Bug loves to “pay (play) drums” with Daddy. She claims the pink stick is hers and the green drum stick is Daddy’s. As soon as Dave gets home from work Little Bug says, “Pay drums, Daddy!”


Raisins are Little Bug’s favorite snack! She usually has a snack after naptime.


I was just trying to snap a picture of Little Bug and I love this picture I took because it has one of Little Bug’s newborn pictures in it.

Little Bug’s second year is flying by faster than her first year went.

I am forever thankful that Little Bug is my daughter.

God has some incredible plans in store for this precious girl and I am privileged to have front row seats as these plans unfold.


Happy 20 Months, Little Bug!

6 thoughts on “20 Months!

  1. What a privilege to call this little girl, OUR granddaughter! I love calling her my Baby Doll and when I ask her where my Baby Doll is, she points to herself. Her Uncle calls her Peanut, her Grandpa calls her Baby Bear, her Mimi calls her Princess … we all have our special names for this little girl whom we love very much! Of course, we all call her by her name too!

  2. Little Bug is such a gorgeous little girl and seems like such a joy! I couldn’t wait to scroll to the end of this post to see the current LB & Pooh picture. Elaine, thank you for your blog. What an inspiration.

  3. What joy to hear of her new accomplishments!!!! We have got to see this precious baby girl soon!!! I love that wonderful teasing smile! She is so preciously and wonderfully made by our Heavenly Father!

  4. Faith loves using her hands to she’ll do about 5 minutes of a fork or spoon the I think she’s too hungry and just starts using her hands LOL 🙂 Well I have no doubts she will be using a fork full time one day so I’m not worried 🙂

    I love that Little Bug likes being out and about! Just another sweet thing or girls have in common. If we’re not out of the house by 11 or so Faith is losing her mind!

    She is just beautiful and I love just ” watching” her grow!

  5. I picked Jacqueline, alhugtoh I dislike Jackie, because Judalon looks masculine.If the battle had been Jacqueline vs Judith my vote would have been for the lovely Judith.

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