21 Months!

And here we are again…Little Bug is 21 months old!

Time is flying by.

Little Bug’s personality is showing more and more the older she gets and as she learns to say more and more words and sentences!

I know I have mentioned this before, but Little Bug is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY.

She thinks she is about to turn 12, not two.

She would rather hang around the bigger kids, than the babies. We were playing with friends the other day and while the other “babies” were playing on the slide near the mommies, Little Bug was running around the backyard and going into the woods with the “big kids”.


She is not intimidated at all in social settings. She LOVES being around people, whether it be her friends and family or complete strangers. She is energized by people. Staying at home all day long with just Mommy? Not Little Bug’s idea of fun! The older she gets, the more I realize that this girl needs social interaction and is not going to be happy sitting at home.

(I am the complete opposite. I love days where I just stay at home!)

We were in a restaurant waiting for a friend to arrive. Little Bug saw a woman standing in line (a woman that she had never met before!). I was holding Little Bug and she started reaching for the woman saying, “Hold yady (lady).” Needless to say, that was my first “stranger” conversation with Little Bug!


Little Bug continues to LOVE being outside. She can be in a horrible mood and if I open the door and let her go she can literally entertain herself for a huge amount of time just playing outside. Her eyes light up when you ask her if she wants to go on a “walk walk”.

Little Bug is still in the stage where she gets into everything given the opportunity. She knows her boundaries, though. She will say, “Blinds! No, no! Fold hands, walk away!” We just recently started doing “Time Out” when she does not obey. Time out consists of her siting on the front door mat (or in her crib) for 1 minute. Works like a charm, so far.

I am really working with Little Bug to help clean up her toys when it is time to clean up. This was when I started doing “Time Out” with her because she was deliberately not helping.

One day after she had Independent Playtime, I decided to do “Time Out” if she wouldn’t help clean up. I asked her to put her train in the basket. She wouldn’t. So I picked her up and said, “You did not obey Mommy. You have to go to Time Out.” I put her in her crib, set the timer and continued cleaning up. She didn’t like that and cried her dramatic tears! When the minute was up, I got her out and told her she needed to obey Mommy and help clean up. I told her to pick up the train and put it in the basket. She thought about it, but then decided not to do it again! Back into “Time Out” she went. We repeated that process THREE times. Finally, on the fourth time she picked the train up and put it in the basket! Whew!

On that day I was thinking two things: 1) Wow, my girl is stubborn! and 2) Ha! Good thing I am too when it comes to disciplining my child! I will do this as many times as it takes for her to put that train in the basket!

Since that time (probably a month ago now) she has gone to “Time Out” for not helping clean up maybe once or twice!

I have found that Little Bug goes through cycles of hardly needing any discipline at all and then she goes through a time where I am pulling my hair out by the end of the day! Consistency is KEY.


I have a pack n play set up in our bedroom for Little Bug to play in (and be contained!) for mornings when we get up and have to be out the door. I get her dressed and put her in there to play while I get dressed and ready to go. I hate clutter in the house and the pack n play “clutters” our bedroom in my opinion but it is so worth it to keep Little Bug out of mischief while I am getting dressed and trying to get us out the door.


Little Bug likes to listen to music with Daddy on the cellphone! Sometimes they sit together in the living room listening to music and other times I will hear the music playing while they are in the bathroom at night and Little Bug is taking her bath.

Little Bug is moving to size 2T clothing for summer clothes, although she can still fit into size 18 months just fine.

She is wearing size 4 diapers.

Little Bug weighs 25 pounds!

Little Bug still eats a very balanced diet, although I think she is not in a growth spurt right now because there have been many meals lately where she declares herself “all done” when usually she would keep on eating!

I also think she is not in a growth spurt because she used to sleep about 14ish hours a day and lately she has shaved off an hour of nighttime sleep and an hour of naptime sleep.

I’ve about decided that this is due to not being in a growth spurt (because when Little Bug is growing she sleeps A LOT), or it is time for an adjustment in her schedule or a combination of both of these things.

Naptime is usually at 2pm. This week I am going to move it to 2:30pm and see if that will help her take a 2-hour nap, instead of the 1 hr to 1.5 hour nap she has been taking for about a week now. We haven’t had to make an adjustment in her schedule for a long while now (since the 2 to 1 nap transition), so it is probably about time for her to need to adjust naptime and/or bedtime now that she is almost two.

Almost two? That is seriously hard to believe.

I will probably say that from now until May, just so you know.

My baby is almost TWO, but the older she gets, the more FUN she gets. She is saying more and more and cracking me up more and more. Her spit-fire personality is adorable and I know that God is going to use her outgoing personality and confidence for His Glory one day.

Little Bug is one precious child and I am honored God chose ME to be her mother.


Happy 21 Months, Little Bug!

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  1. And we are honored to be her grandparents. We love LB with all our hearts and would do ANYTHING for her … as long as it’s the right thing for her and the best thing for her!!!

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