When God says GO FOR IT: Another inspiring story of adoption

Today, I would like to introduce you to Chad and Nicole.

They are adopting soon!

However, their adoption story is unlike any I have ever heard.

They have hearts as big as … Rus.sia!

Chad, and my husband, Dave, are good buddies. Chad was in our wedding.

A couple years after our wedding, we learned Chad had met a very special woman named Nicole. It wasn’t long and Chad and Nicole were married.

They have been married for a little over a year now.

This past December, God opened their hearts to sponsor a child from Rus.sia for the Christmas Holidays.

A girl named Nastya was placed in their home for the holiday season.

It wasn’t long and both Chad and Nicole had fallen in love with Nastya and felt God leading them to adopt her.

Obedient to His calling, they started inquiring whether this was even possible.

Why might this not be possible?

Nastya is 13 years old and Chad and Nicole are in their 20’s!

Stop right here for a minute, please.

Newlyweds are opening their home, their hearts, their everything to a teenager?

This is just another example of God at work in the life of His willing servants.

To Chad and Nicole, Nastya is already their daughter. They love her and can’t wait to have her home for good.

Chad and Nicole have taken this giant leap of faith and have said yes to something that is bigger than them and can only be of God.

Chad and Nicole have recently gotten the clearance, in spite of their young ages, to adopt Nastya!

Trusting in God to keep paving the way, they are now full force into the adoption process that is going to BRING NASTYA HOME!

They have overcome one huge obstacle: age.

Now it is time to help them overcome another huge obstacle that stands in their way: money.

Chad and Nicole have a “Puzzle Piece Fundraiser” going on right now.

If you feel lead to help bring Nastya home, you can sponsor a puzzle piece (or as many as you want!) for $5 each using PayPal.

Right now, Chad and Nicole have 500 puzzle pieces to be sponsored. 124 puzzle pieces have already been sponsored!!

They are 26 puzzle pieces away from having the funds they need for their final home study appointment.

Will you please help me get them there??

Click HERE and you can sponsor puzzle pieces to help get this precious girl home!

Also, click HERE and you can read Nastya’s amazing story.

Please join with me in praying for this couple as they have a long road ahead.

I know that one day in the future I will be posting a family picture of Chad, Nicole and Nastya and just like Baby Sunshine’s story (Rebekah Love) we will all once again stand back in amazement at the faithfulness of our God.

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