22 Months!

Life continues to get more exciting the older Little Bug gets probably because, the older Little Bug gets, the more her sweet, hilarious, big-tease personality shows.

Little Bug was caught!

One day, instead of putting her in the playpen in our bedroom while I got dressed, I let her stay in the living room/kitchen. I heard her playing and then, all of a sudden things got quiet. Really quiet. So I went searching for my little charge and this is where I found her:


She had gone in the pantry, pulled out the cereal box and went to her “hiding place” in the living room (in the corner by the front door) and was quietly eating cereal when I found her. The picture on the left is before she saw me and the picture on the right is after she was caught!


With age, comes style, apparently. Here is Little Bug rocking the pants, t-shirt with sundress on top style. Oh, and don’t forget the shades.


With Spring in the air (which will quickly turn to summer, probably already has, actually), Little Bug is back to practically living outside.

Little Bug is talking up a storm. Sentences are the norm now. Language acquisition really is amazing. To think that this time last year she was starting to say the normal “first words” and now, she is learning to string those words together to form sentences to communicate. It is amazing how she hears a word and immediately picks it up and starts using it to communicate.

Yesterday she said, “Little Bug put on shoes too!”

Life will only get more exciting the more Little Bug speaks.

The other day she was whining and crying about something, being completely overly dramatic. So I said, “Little Bug, you need to choose to be happy!”

She said, “Choose cry.” and continued to cry! 🙂

Then she eventually dried up the drama and said, “Choose happy!!”

I keep forgetting to put this in her monthly updates but Little Bug has consistently known her colors since 19-20 months old. Before that, it was hit or miss whether she would get them right or not, but since 20ish months she correctly identifies red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Unless, of course, she is being a big-tease and says the wrong color on purpose.


She found the Easter eggs in the hall closet. I was trying to close the closet door and she started saying, “See ovals! See ovals!” At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, but then I figured out she was referring to the “Easter Eggs” as “ovals”!

Little Bug still wears size 4 diapers.

She is moving to size 2T for summer clothes!

She still eats a ton of food and drinks 16 ounces of whole milk per day.

She is back to napping about 2 hours every day and sleeps 11-11.5 hours at night.

Her schedule is now:

8am wake up

1:15 pm nap

8:45pm bedtime

After all I went through to become a mother, it really is hard to believe the baby God blessed me with is about to turn two years old.

It is hard to believe I’ve been something I wondered if I’d ever be for almost two years now.


Happy 22 Months, Little Bug!

4 thoughts on “22 Months!

  1. Sweet girl with some great style too 🙂 I love it!

    How did you work on colors with her? We have started with Faith and currently she has no interest and isn’t even remotely close…although I should give her some credit and say she knows blue. I was thinking of doing like colors week…where we wear red and talk about red and eat red…not sure but any tips ?

    • That sounds like an awesome plan to teach Winni her colors!!! I just basically incorperated colors into our play…anytime there was an opportunity to mention colors, I did! We’d talk about colors in books, from what she was wearing that day, colors we saw as we were out and about. The toy that has the donut holes on the stick is a great toy to teach colors! We played with that alot and I would say the color as we put the donut on. I think babies/toddlers learn best through play so your idea sounds wonderful!

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