Potty Training…

… wasn’t on my agenda for this week, but apparently it is for Little Bug!

 Yesterday, on the day she turned 22 months old, Little Bug pooped in the potty for the first time!

For months now, when I go to pick up Little Bug from the church nursery, I have been told:

Little Bug is ready to be potty trained!

Little Bug said, “Change diaper.” after she pooped.

I’ve sorta felt like she is “ready” for a while now, but I haven’t done anything about it because I wanted to be sure she is ready because I don’t want to start, realize she is not ready and then have to go back to diapers.

While I know that most kids probably do go through that cycle of diapers, to panties to diapers again, I really want to potty train when I know she is really ready so we can say goodbye to diapers and never look back. (Not that there won’t be accidents. I know there will be.)

The problem is that I haven’t really known if Little Bug is really ready. (Although every single church nursery worker seems to think she is!)

So, tonight, we got home from a birthday party and Little Bug was eating her dinner and pee-pee, poo poo and panties seemed to be the topic of discussion at the dinner table.

I decided months ago that I would take Little Bug’s lead. For a couple months now, if Little Bug has poop in her diaper she will tell me she needs to be changed because she doesn’t like it when her diaper has poop.

When I went to put her in the chair for dinner last night she complained about the diaper being wet. That was a first! So I took it as my clue to ask her if she wanted to wear panties so she wouldn’t have to sit in wet.

She wanted to put panties on so we got out of the chair and went to her room to put on some training panties!

I made a huge deal about how they were dry and clean and she could keep them that way by peeing and pooping in the potty.

Then we went back to the dinner table.

And five seconds after she was all strapped into the seat, she said, “Little Bug poo poo in potty!”

So off we went to the bathroom.

She tried, but nothing happened.

Back to the dinner table.

And about 10 minutes later, she said she wanted to go to the potty again. Off we went and this time, she pooped!!!

I wish I had it on camera. (I know that is probably a weird thing to say.)

Her little eyes were as big as saucers and after she went she couldn’t get off that potty fast enough to see.

Little Bug see poo poo in potty!

We marveled at her poop in the potty and then hollered for Daddy to come join the party.

And I yelled, “And bring the camera!!”

To which my hubby said, “Are you going to take a picture of her poop??”

He was relieved when I said, “No, just of her sitting on the potty for the first time she actually pooped on it!”

(He knows that Little Bug’s life is practically documented moment by moment by pictures and I guess he wouldn’t put it past me to take a picture of her first poop in the potty. But, I am not that ridiculous! Surprise, surprise!)

After dinner we had a pee accident.

And then not long after that Little Bug said “poop on the potty”. Dave and I didn’t take the girl seriously since she had just gone (unfortunately) and she had a little poop accident.

Lesson learned: If she says she has to go, take her, even if she just went 10 minutes before!

So….I’m going with this potty training thing, I suppose.

We are off to buy a little potty seat for the big potty seat (so she can sit and not feel like she is about to fall in) and some more panties.

We only have 4 pair. We used three pair in about an hours time, I think it was.

I think we are going to need more than four.

I guess it is time to reread PottyWise.

I have no clue what I am doing, but here goes…

*And here are my thoughts this morning*

I hope I won’t regret this, but I just feel in my gut now is not the time to do this!

Like I said, I want to do it and be done with diapers. None of this going back and forth. I want to put her in panties and deal with the accidents and training until it clicks and she finally gets it and diapers are history.

That kind of training takes some planning. Planning to not do anything for a couple days or so and this week is packed with plans!

Then, the next week we are flying to Texas. Like I said, I don’t want to go back to diapers once we start training and I think I would be insane to get on an airplane with my 22 month old in panties for a flight half way across the continent. That would be a recipe for disaster. It is already going to be an adventure keeping her sitting still on my lap for 2 hours! I don’t want to add pee and poop on my lap, too.

So…I’ve just decided to postpone the panty/potty seat trip to the store and start the training when we get back from Texas.

Hopefully, I am not missing my “window of opportunity” of training her with ease…if there is such a thing! Smile

5 thoughts on “Potty Training…

  1. Congratulations, Little Bug!! Such a huge first step towards potty training! I totally understand that you want to wait til things calm down though. We kept putting off dropping the dreamfeed for the very same reason. I cannot imagine trying to potty train on a plane — yikes!

    I’ll be in TX in May … maybe one of these years it’ll coincide with your trip!

  2. Oh Eileen…I am sooo jealous. William will be 3 next Saturday and he has no interest in the potty!!! They just got him to go a couple times at school this past week but he refuses at home. I’m so proud of your little bug! What a big girl. I know boys and girls are soooo different when it comes to PT so I am hoping Genevieve is easier and earlier…thinking about diapering for almost three more years is kind of daunting.

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