24 Months!


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It has been absolutely amazing to watch Little Bug grow from a teeny tiny five pound newborn to the little girl she is today. From the moment she became aware that there is a world out there, she has not stopped! She loves to be on-the-go exploring and learning anything new, she loves to be around people and she adores the family and friends who have showered her with love over the past two years.

Little Bug has fulfilled every single desire I ever had about being a mother. Where there was once an empty void, it is now completely full.


As sad as it sometimes is to see that my baby is no longer a baby, I am thrilled to see the plans God has for this precious little girl. There is just a special spunk about Little Bug. She captures the heart of everyone she meets. She is one special girl and I am honored to be her mother.

This month has been one of those “smooth sailing” months.

Now that it is full blown summer, Little Bug wants to live outside. She can still play and entertain herself for quite a while outside. She is a magnet to dirt, yet also enjoys “girly” activities such as wearing high heels.


Little Bug loves to read books. We typically spend an hour reading books most every day. That is one of my favorite activities to do with Little Bug. It is amazing how much she has learned simply from reading books. Through the past two years I have built up quite a large home library by purchasing books at the second hand children’s store. The most I spend on one book is typically $1.50 but most books are within the 50 cents to $1 range!

Independent Playtime is back to normal after a phase of it not going so well. All I needed to do was be consistent. Little Bug does IP right after breakfast (to make sure we get it in) and that seems to have helped too. She plays independently in her room for an hour. This hour allows me to have an hour to get my duties around the house started (or finished). I also use that hour to take some time to be still before the Lord and/or write a blog post!


Little Bug has started to expand her prayer life. Little Bug’s prayer for a while now has always been “Dear God, food, Amen!” When her Mimi and Papaw’s cat, Tiger, passed away unexpectedly and I told her Mimi and Papaw were sad and we needed to pray for them, she started expanding her prayers. She would say, “Dear God, Help Mimi and Papaw, sad. Amen!” Upon her uncle’s request she has now started praying this prayer for her uncle: “Dear God, help Uh-Note find wife! Amen!”

Little Bug has never really been into playing with toys, as odd as that may seem. She has toys and she does play with them, but she doesn’t have a “favorite toy”. She does really enjoy playing with her baby dolls. She has a stroller that she pushes them around in. One day I saw her laying the baby dolls side by side on the floor. Their hands were touching and Little Bug said, “Look, Mommy! Baby dolls praying!”


Little Bug is two and she is still in the crib and still in diapers! I plan to keep her in the crib until I feel she is developmentally ready to completely understand the concept of staying in bed. (I am thinking this will happen closer to her 3rd birthday.) After the incident of her climbing out of her crib at my parents’ house I did go ahead and buy a crib tent. I have not put it up because she has not attempted that stunt again. Her crib is way deeper at home and I don’t think she is able to climb out of it yet. But should that day come sooner than I want her out of the crib, I am prepared!

As far as potty training goes, I may potty train her in June. That is a BIG may, though. Life hasn’t slowed down to be able to train her since she really started showing signs at 22 months old and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon, so we will see. I want to do it and be done with diapers. I don’t want to start, get frustrated or have something interrupt the training (such as a trip) and then have to revert back to diapers and start over another time. So, I am still trying to think this one out.


Little Bug still drinks 16 ounces of whole organic milk every day. And yes, I still rock and hold her while she drinks! It’s the last thing I have “baby” of her to hold on to and we enjoy that snuggle time every day! Plus, if I didn’t hold her during those 5 minutes it takes for her to down her milk, I wouldn’t hold her because, like I said, this is girl is ON THE GO!

Little Bug sleeps 11 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap.

Little Bug still eats 3 hearty, square meals every day. And the mess she makes while eating has not gotten any better! It is seriously amazing the mess she makes while eating. She had a grilled cheese sandwich last night for dinner and even Dave mentioned how amazing it was that she could get so messy from just a cheese sandwich! I just tell myself that this is something else she will outgrown and at least she eats well!

At Little Bug’s 2 year check up she weighed 27 pounds!


Little Bug is now 35 inches tall!

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And, here is the final Pooh Bear Picture:


Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Bug!

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