a little more than 24 hours

I find my mind is always thinking and praying for Brooke and her family as they are almost 24 hours away from induction.

So many emotions flood my heart as I think about what they are heading into. It is hard to really put it into words.

There is excitement as the day that you have been anticipating is finally almost here.

There is an ache in your arms because you just want to hold that baby and know they are officially yours.

There is pain as you think about the birthmother and the loss she will experience.

There is anxiety as you eagerly wait to know that the birth mother is going to follow through with the adoption plan.

Wrap all these emotions together and you have some pretty crazy days filled with highs and lows and everything in between.

Brooke and her family simply need prayer over the next several days.

Prayer gave me the strength to stand during our 81 hour wait to know if Tracy was going to sign or not.

Please join me in praying with them and for them.

We leave Saturday for our annual family vacation to the cabin in the mountains. I am taking the laptop, but I’m not promising posts beyond updates on Brooke’s adoption.

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