Something else amazing God did with that situation in March.

Besides the fact that God wanted to teach me a good lesson that HE is in control, God used this recent adoption opportunity to do something absolutely amazing in the life of my friend, Brooke.

When Brooke and her husband, Mike, started trying to conceive, it was not happening right away and so they felt like God was leading them to adopt. As they were getting their adoption paperwork filled out, Brooke learned she was pregnant.

That pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Brooke and Mike were devastated but they jumped right back into the adoption process.

Within four months time, Mike and Brooke went through a miscarriage, a failed adoption (birth mother chose to parent after giving birth) and another failed adoption because the birth mother was a con artist.

Soon after the second failed adoption, Brooke learned she was pregnant again. At a doctor’s appointment, Brooke was told she would likely miscarry this baby as well because of a hormone deficiency.

But in the fall of 2004, their beautiful daughter, Selah, entered the world and their dreams of parenthood came true.

When Seleh was two years old, Brooke became pregnant again and gave birth to their handsome son, Tobias.

A little over a year ago, Brooke and Mike decided to add to their family again and started trying to conceive.

Brooke and Mike’s 10th wedding anniversary was in August of 2010 and they went away on a trip together hoping God would open Brooke’s womb that month.

But Brooke did not get pregnant that month and month after month, the pregnancy tests all continued to be negative. Brooke went to the doctor and after some tests, she was advised to not get pregnant again because it was too risky for her health.

God opened their hearts to adoption in December of 2010.

During one of my conversations with the lawyer about the situation we were pursuing, the lawyer informed me that she had a situation and she was really having a hard time finding an adoptive family for her baby. The lawyer asked me if I knew of anyone who might be interested in this opportunity.

Immediately, Brooke popped into my mind! I told the lawyer I would contact Brooke about the situation. The lawyer told me to call her back immediately with Brooke’s contact information if they were interested.

Within a matter of hours, Brooke had told me to give the lawyer her contact information, the lawyer had called and spoken to Brooke about the situation and Brooke had been able to even call and speak to the woman!

And just like that … Mike and Brooke were matched!

And you know what?

Can you guess when this baby was conceived?

Yep … August 2010!

God had not opened Brooke’s womb during that month they had so hoped He would.

But a baby, who would become their daughter through the miracle of adoption, had been conceived in August 2010!

Baby Elise is due on May 20, 2011, but for medical reason her birth mother will be induced on May 12th.

eliseBaby Elise at 32 weeks

Brooke’s story is another beautiful story of heartache and redemption — for both her and this brave woman who is with child.

God’s purpose for me in that opportunity we were presented with in March was twofold.

God had an important lesson to teach me.

And He needed me to get Brooke in touch with this lawyer so the lawyer could match them with this precious baby girl!

Our God is so awesome and I seriously cannot wait to meet this precious baby!


6 thoughts on “Something else amazing God did with that situation in March.

  1. So wonderful and exciting!! It’s so amazing when we can see how God works through situation, and to know we only have a teeny glimpse at the way he works is unfathomable!

  2. Awesome! God works in amazing ways. I’m so happy for baby Elise and so glad that she will have a loving family to come home to right away.

  3. Elaine, I found your blog through someone else’s (not sure which one, but I’m sure it was another adoption blog). Love it! Your little girl is precious and I love hearing how God has written your story. We have one biological child (though did experience some trouble getting pregnant) and are hoping to adopt in a few years because we believe God has called us to. SO exciting! Praying that all goes well as you adopt #2.

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