for the glory of God

Yesterday morning my mom sent me an email that started out like this:

In my quiet time today I finished reading in Revelation where I am in my reading/study and closed my Bible and then just meditated. I wanted to hear a WORD from God about this adoption plan. Here’s where I went … or where God took me.

People often ask me how I know that God is speaking to me. When I read my mother’s email to me yesterday, I knew God was speaking to me.

What did He say, you ask?

Well, as I said yesterday, all the events surrounding Little Bug’s adoption and now this new adoption situation are totally NOT about me and ALL about GOD. It is all for HIS glory that I write this blog. A blog that started out as a way for me keep my family and friends informed as we went through infertility treatments, has turned into the platform God has given me to proclaim to the world that God is faithful.

God is doing another mighty work. There have been several dates that I thought I was going to share that we are matched, but one thing after another would happen and I would decide to hold off on sharing until x, y and z had happened and things were more “certain”. (“Certain” and “adoption” are not like peas and carrots the last time I checked, by the way. I am not sure what I was thinking…)

When I read my mom’s email yesterday, I knew God was saying, I am at work no matter what happens with this match. Whether you have a baby in your arms or not this summer, I am still God and I am in control and even though there are unknowns at this time, put it out there, trusting ME every step of the way. Let people see that you are trusting me through all this and that no matter what happens, I am going to be faithful.

Here is the rest of my mom’s email. She shared the verses God lead her to and she put in bold everything to do with God’s glory and she highlighted everything to do with our current adoption match.

Psalm 105
The LORD Can Be Trusted
1Praise the LORD
   and pray in his name!
   Tell everyone
   what he has done.

    2Sing praises to the LORD!
   Tell about his miracles.
    3Celebrate and worship
   his holy name
   with all your heart
    4Trust the LORD
   and his mighty power
    5Remember his miracles (Little Bug)
   and all his wonders
   and his fair decisions.

Psalm 115
The LORD Deserves To Be Praised
1We don’t deserve praise!   The LORD alone deserves
   all of the praise,
   because of his love
   and faithfulness.

Isaiah 43
The LORD Has Rescued His People
1Descendants of Jacob,   I, the LORD, created you
   and formed your nation.
   Israel, don’t be afraid.
   I have rescued you.
   I have called you by name;
   now you (new baby) belong to me
    2When you cross deep rivers,
   I will be with you,
   and you won’t drown.
   When you walk through fire,
   you won’t be burned
   or scorched by the flames.
    3I am the LORD, your God,
   the Holy One of Israel,
   the God who saves you.
   I gave up Egypt, Ethiopia, and the region of Seba in exchange for you.
    4To me, you are very dear,
   and I love you.
   That’s why I gave up nations
   and people to rescue you.
    5Don’t be afraid! I am with you.
   From both east and west
   I will bring you together.
    6I will say to the north
   and to the south,
   "Free my sons and daughters!
   Let them return
   from distant lands.
    7They are my people–
   I created each of them
  to bring honor to me." (new baby will bring honor (glory) to God!!!)

Isaiah 48:11
Contemporary English Version (CEV)
11I did this because of who I am.
   I refuse to be dishonored or share my praise
   with any other god. (NIV says: I will not yield my glory to another.)

This spoke to me in the following way: God did a great miracle through Little Bug. He has done it again and you will bring glory to YOUR GOD as you tell this new baby’s story. God will get all the glory!

After reading that it was seriously another one of those moments in life where I knew it was a decision of whether I was going to be obedient unto the Lord OR choose to take things in my own hands because “I know better”. (ha!)

I obeyed God.

And that day He blessed me even further by giving me some news through our lawyer that eased my mind with one of my biggest concerns with this situation.

No adoption is a cake walk. It’s a walk of faith. We are taking one day a time, trusting God because He’s clearly demonstrated to us that He’s Got This.

Soon, I should have the missing piece of the puzzle to fully know the work the Lord has done through this match. When that puzzle piece is uncovered, I will be sharing what I can about the miracle God has done for His glory.

4 thoughts on “for the glory of God

  1. Well- God is speaking to you, and hes speaking to me as you share how he has spoken to you! 🙂 I emailed you a long time ago about my infertility issues… i am still struggling along with those and lately have felt very convicted by the Lord that I do not have enough faith or trust in him with the situation. I have taken things into my own hands because i think “i know better”. God is showing me that i dont! and nothing i can do can fix my broken body. I HAVE to trust HIM. Only he can open my womb if he desires to, and if not, then he has a greater plan for me. Thanks for sharing- i read your blog all the time and it keeps me sane. You are a blessing. xxx

  2. Keeping the faith is the best thing you can do. I’m still very excited and trust God knows what He is doing here.


  3. I just sit her in awe of how God spoke to you through your mom… How God just blatantly spoke to me through you sharing your moms obedience. I am in awe that God’s holy word is living indeed as this has absolutely nothing to do with infertility/fertility/adoption/pregnancy. No, this has to do with us selling our house and walking on complete blind faith. We are taking steps knowing Jesus is with us despite knowing where our foot will land next. Awesome God! Awesome story! Awesomeness all around! Thanks for continuing to share and praise God through the storms of life!

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