journey to #2–Part 3

Bet you didn’t see this coming! But, yes, there is a part 3.

March 8th, the day that my friend text me about the adoption situation with Susan, my friend also told another one of her friends, Rebecca, about the same situation.

We both decided we wanted to pursue this adoption and our mutual friend became the mediator between the two of us as we gathered more and more information about this situation from the lawyer.

Before this adoption situation was presented to us, we had never been one name “in the pot” that the potential birth mother would choose a family from!

With Little Bug’s adoption, we were it. We never were shown to a birth mother along with 2-3 other family profiles.

This was a new experience for me and, I must say, I was very curious who my “competition” was!

God used this to teach me that it didn’t matter who else was being shown to this birth mother. If God had this baby for our family, she would choose us. If my friend’s other friend was the family for this baby, the birth mother would choose her.

I started praying for Rebecca and her husband as they waited to hear if they were chosen and this “competition” just served to reiterate to me that God was in control and His Will would be done.

One day I opened Facebook and I found a message from Rebecca! I was so excited that she had reached out because I had wondered if I should reach out to her and make some kind of contact or if that would be too awkward.

It wasn’t long after that and Rebecca and I became friends on Facebook.

Both being on pins and needles about waiting to find out if we had been chosen to parent a child, we found comfort in talking to each other because we were in the same boat – literally!

We started taking turns contacting Susan for updates on the adoption case. I would call one week, Rebecca would call the next and we would always exchange notes.

Rebecca actually happened to talk to Susan on the very day that Susan was planning to take the profiles to the birth mother. Rebecca sent me a message and we both waited to know the outcome.

We both believed whoever was chosen (or if neither of us was chosen) that the family who was chosen was the family God intended to place this baby with.

When we found out the birth mom had decided not to place her baby through Susan, we both moved on from the situation, but our friendship continued to grow through emails and Facebook chats.

Then, on May 3rd, Dave and I had our conference call with our lawyer, Emily, and I became 99% certain that the birth mother Emily was telling us about for a potential match was the same woman Rebecca and I had been dealing with at Susan’s office.

After the initial shock of it all somewhat wore off for me, one of my first coherent thoughts was, Rebecca!! What is she going to think of this??

With some hesitancy I told her what was going on immediately.

As any true friend would be, she was absolutely elated for us and completely in awe of the work of God in all of this!

Just two days after we were officially matched with Melody, Rebecca and I were able to meet face to face!


My family and I were on the way to the mountains for our annual family vacation and Rebecca drove about an hour and half and met us at a Panera for dinner.

As we were all sitting down at the table to eat, my brother asked, “So how did you two meet again?”

Rebecca and I looked at each other and then all of a sudden Rebecca blurted out, “We wanted the same baby!!”

Our friendship certainly grew out of the most unusual circumstances but my friendship with Rebecca is as special and genuine as the friendships I have had since childhood and high school!

Adoption has a way of binding hearts in ways you never thought possible and taking you places you never thought you would go.

When our name was “in the pot”, who knew that one of my dearest friends was in there too?

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