39w1d: Prowling Lion

There is a verse in the Bible about Satan being like a prowling lion, seeking to kill, steal and destroy. I can feel Satan prowling around my heart right now…making me feel anxious and uptight, making me impatient with Little Bug, trying to steal my time so I do not take time to get with the Lord and gain what I need to walk through these days.

Yes, the spiritual warfare is as thick as molasses right now. Satan does not want me to trust God. Satan wants me to worry.

Satan wants me to feel restless, like I did last night, instead of being wrapped in a blanket of peace from God.

I hate these days of adoption!! If I could fast-forward to the end, I would. But I must live every second from here to the day we find out this baby is ours. And sometimes those seconds seem like an hour and time seems to not be moving forward but to be standing still.

It is during these days I am reminded that my babies don’t come into this world the “normal” way. There isn’t excitement in the days leading up to the birth as I anticipate the arrival of my baby because Sweet Pea is not my baby yet. I pray she is but before she can be, TPR must be signed.

The only thing I can manage is living one day at a time and sometimes, one minute at a time. Sometimes the anxiety gets to me and I just wish I could go to sleep and wake up when all this is behind me.

But this is the road God has called me to walk and I want to be found faithful.

Words cannot express how much your prayers mean to me. More than anything right now, the comments on the blog, an email or a text that just says, “I’m praying for you.” mean the world to me! THANK YOU!!

Sweet Pea should be here any day now. When you pray for Melody and Sweet Pea please pray for a safe delivery, healthy baby and peace. When you pray for me, please pray that I will keep my eyes on the LORD though all this and not allow Satan to derail me and destroy my faith.

Spiritual warfare is no fun, especially when you are right smack in the middle of it.

I am glad I already know Who wins.

This week is about God’s glory and the victory is His.

I must keep trusting God, knowing He is in control and He’s got this.

6 thoughts on “39w1d: Prowling Lion

  1. I remember having this same fight with the devil and in the end, he LOST!! But I will never forget him trying to weave his dirty tricks into my head and heart.

    I will pray God wraps His loving arms around you from above as you wait for sweet pea.

  2. I felt those feelings a couple of days ago.Today God woke me up at 5 am and I started praying for everything. Then God gave me these verses about God … our ETERNAL GOD and spoke so clearly to me about God holding SP in his arms. Deut. 33:26 to the end:
    26Israel, [q] no other god is like ours–

    the clouds are his chariot

    as he rides across the skies

    to come and help us.

    27The eternal God

    is our hiding place;

    he carries us in his arms.

    When God tells you

    to destroy your enemies,

    he will make them run.

    28Israel, you will live in safety;

    your enemies will be gone. [r] The dew will fall from the sky,

    and you will have plenty

    of grain and wine.

    29The LORD has rescued you

    and given you more blessings

    than any other nation.

    He protects you like a shield

    and is your majestic sword.

    Your enemies will bow in fear,

    and you will trample

    on their backs.

  3. Elaine….you have constantly been in my prayers as you wait for Sweet Pea to arrive. I know these days are hard and doubt creeps in, but I know your faith is stronger. Hold on to that…it is only a few more days and you will know.

  4. God’s brought you this far, He won’t leave you now! Satan’s attacks can be scary, but you’re doing great fighting him and I’ll be praying for you. The victory is Christ’s, no matter how this turns out.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I desperately needed to hear it. Our birthmom is due on August 7th and our agency hasn’t been able to get ahold of her for the last 24 hours. It’s really been freaking me out and making me feel like things are falling apart. Thank you for your encouragement through this post. I’m praying for your family as Sweet Pea enters the world today!

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