Date with Mommy and Daddy

We told Little Bug when she filled up this Potty Chart with stickers from going potty on the big girl potty, we would take her on a date to her favorite frozen yogurt place.

We didn’t expect her to fill this chart up in less than two days of potty-training!


In fact, on Tuesday I just kind of “forgot” about it because I knew if she filled it all in on Tuesday Dave wouldn’t be able to go with us because of work.

So we didn’t “remember” the chart until closer to the weekend and on Saturday Little Bug filled in the last box with a sticker and proudly proclaimed she could go to Mochi.

So Sunday after her nap, we went.

We took her to Panera first for dinner – which has always been a family favorite and somewhere we haven’t been as a family recently.

Here she is being a goofball as we try to get a picture of her before walking in to Panera.


Sitting with her Daddy waiting for our food




We had a fun date night with our big girl!


And what a wonderful thing to be celebrating!!

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  1. I love your blog! (Your story is amazing…) These ppotty training osts are awesome! I’m not buying the book – I’ll just follow your lead!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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