Potty-training: How Little Bug was trained in less than a day!!


It happened.


Little Bug is potty-trained!!!!

I was not planning to train her on January 16th, however the night before, Little Bug told her Daddy she wanted to wear panties while they were out on a date to the grocery store.

When they got back and Little Bug was insisting I needed to find her panties and let her wear them, I knew the time had come.

Ready or not…it was time to potty train Little Bug!

And, I wasn’t ready because I had NOT finished reading this book:


A lot of my friends have kids that are older than mine. Several of them have used this method with GREAT success. One friend recently gave me a copy. I started reading but stopped because Dave and I thought it would be best to get through January before trying to train her.

Little Bug had other plans.

We let her put the panties on because she was so insistent that she had to start wearing them NOW!

Panties on and with a timer going off every five minutes, she had several successes of going pee pee in the potty and…two accidents. I knew this wasn’t the method from the book and I was hoping I wasn’t ruining things for actual training by the method of the book by doing things this way for now!

After the girls were in bed my parents brought the pee doll from their house (it was mine growing up).


Then they went with me to Wal Mart so I could get my potty training supplies!

Treats for going in the potty


A salty snack with a new drinking cup




Potty Seat with a step stool


Potty Chart (this isn’t on the book’s supply list, but I thought it would be a good idea to have this chart for her to put stickers on when she goes in the potty and then when the chart is full we will take her to her favorite frozen yogurt place!)


I got every thing set up in my bathroom. I decided to train her in the master bathroom because it has more space than Little Bug’s bathroom and we were going to be spending alllllll morning in there!

Then, I went to bed and stayed up until 1am reading the rest of the book and taking notes! The book is very specific on what you say and do, so taking notes came in very handy! (My friends warned me I would want to take notes.)

The next morning (16th) we got up and one of the first things Little Bug said was, “Mommy I want to wear panties!”. I told her I had a very special morning planned for us. I said she was going to be able to put her panties on after breakfast and then we were going to go into Mommy’s bathroom to learn and practice going pee pee in the potty.

She was VERY excited. She didn’t really even want to eat breakfast, which is very unlike Little Bug. Girl loves her food.

We finished breakfast and headed to the bathroom, where Daddy was getting ready for work. Dave was trying to get her to say goodbye to him, like she normally does every morning, but this girl was ripping her diaper off and heading for the potty!!

Ready or not, I knew there was no turning back now! And I felt ready too after my crash course on potty training the night before!

There are basically two parts of training in this method: Learning by Imitation and Dry Pants Inspections with Prompted Potty Trials. And then, when there are accidents, there are four procedures to follow.

It is A LOT of information, but taking notes did help me to get it sorted in my head. I just wish I had not had to do a last minute, stay up late, cram session to learn it all!! (I was always the type that would study for tests days before, not the night before. Smile)

We started at 9:30 am.

First, you go through the whole “potty process” with a doll that pees. The purpose of this is to teach the child the potty process. Since Little Bug has been using the potty off and on since she turned two in May, she didn’t really need this part of the training process, but I did it anyway. She had fun seeing the doll pee and checking to make sure the doll’s panties were dry.


So for this phase, you teach the potty process by having the doll pee in the potty. Then, you make doll have an accident. You say, “No Dolly! Big girls don’t wet their pants.” Then you help the doll practice going pee pee in the potty and end the imitation phase by having the doll pee in the potty like a big girl.

Next is the Dry Pants Inspections with Prompted Potty Trials (PPT). This is when you start training your child. Also, while training the doll, you give your child LOTS to drink and snacks that make her thirsty (so she will drink more and need to pee!). With a full bladder, Little Bug was ready for her first Prompted Potty Trial.

This is where you teach your child to perform the potty process, from start to finish. You do Prompted Potty Trials every 15 minutes at first.

For the first two or three Prompted Potty Trials you say, “Little Bug, go to the potty.” So, you essentially start by telling the child to go to the potty with the goal of her going on her own at the end of training because she wants to “keep her panties dry and clean”.

We did this about twice (where I verbally told her to go to the potty). Between the first and second time, she RAN out of the bathroom and I knew it was because she had to poop. That is what she has been doing recently…running off and for a couple minutes things are abnormally quiet until someone comes out of hiding and announces, “I went poo poo!” I immediately ran after her and told her to go to the potty. She went…and pooped!

In between these Prompted Potty Trials you are seriously ONLY talking about going to the potty with your child!!! It is VERY taxing! For about half an hour ALL I said was….

Little Bug, are your panties dry? (She would feel her panties – a dry pants inspection – and then she would get a treat for having dry panties. You are to ask this about every 3-5 minutes at the very beginning of training.)

Does Mommy have dry panties? Who else do you know that has dry panties? (Then she would name her friends that have dry panties. And family members and anyone she could think of!)

You are such a big girl for having dry panties!

All this potty talk was repeated OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. If she started talking about ANYTHING other than potty training matters, I was to change the subject back to potty-training!

After two Prompted Potty Trials, I started saying, “Little Bug, do you need to potty?” instead of telling her to go (see? we are moving towards her taking over the process completely instead of being told to go potty.)

She would either say yes or no. We continued only talking about potty matters!

Somewhere in here, she had an accident. I believe it was actually right after she pooped. She pooped and then got down and then a few minutes later she peed, but it was hardly a puddle on the floor and more like a drizzle that she stopped midstream!

Immediately I referred to my notes Smile and did the Accident Procedures. First you show Verbal Disappointment by saying, “No! You wet your pants. Wetting is yucky!!” Then you do Positive Practice where you take them TEN TIMES in a row to the potty to practice what you are suppose to do when you need to go potty. You say, “Little Bug wet her panties. Little Bug has to practice going on the potty! Practice going to the potty. Practice quickly.” You have them rapidly walk to the potty to practice the potty procedures. (I ended up stopping this after about 4-5 times, instead of doing it 10 times.)

After the Positive Practice you do Wet Pant Awareness, which means you have child do 10 wet-pants inspections so they feel their wet pants and understand the difference between dry and wet. I actually didn’t do this “right” and realized afterwards…oops! I had her change right away after the accident (actually she changed right away because she wanted those wet panties off!). She did NOT even want to touch the wet panties AT ALL!

Then you have them clean up their mess. She got the paper towels and wiped her legs and then the little bit that had made it to the floor.

That was the only accident Little Bug had that morning! After going through the Accident Procedure, we went right back to the every 15 minutes or so Prompted Potty Trials, asking her every 5ish minutes if she had dry panties, giving her a treat if she was dry and giving her LOTS of fluids.

I started saying “Little Bug show me where you go potty!” which was one step closer to her doing this all on her own accord. Eventually, all you say is, “Are your panties dry?” because that is the goal – to have dry and clean panties!


She was filling up her Potty Chart!!

(I would let her put a sticker on every time she peed or pooped in the potty.)




“Mommy, I need to go potty!!!!!”

The book said you can consider your child trained when she walks to the potty for the first time without a reminder and completes the process without help!

45 minutes and she was there!!!!!!

I could hardly believe it! It made me want to go ahead and train Sweet Pea!! (Just kidding.)

Once she hit that point, the book said I could slack off on the potty talk and we could do an activity that didn’t have to do with training.

I had gathered books beforehand (hoping we would reach this point!) so we read books on the bathroom floor!


Still pumping her with fluids, she would stop me in the middle of reading a book and say those glorious 6 words…”Mommy, I have to go potty!!!”

So, after that I decided we could venture out of the bathroom. I had gathered some activities for us to do in my bedroom.


She wrote on her Magnadoodle and continued to stop and run to the potty every time she needed to go!!!!!

We had lunch and then it was naptime. I told her she would still wear a diaper for naptime, which she wasn’t too happy about at first. Once she understood she would only have to wear a diaper for naptime and bedtime she was okay with the idea.

She took her nap, woke up and got right back in her panties and continued to run to the potty every single time she needed to go for the remainder of the day!!!!

Today she woke up and wanted to get right back into her big girl panties. We didn’t do Independent Playtime in her room yesterday but we did today and I was a little concerned that she would have accidents in there but she did not!!

I think this went so well for several reasons:

1. I waited until SHE was ready. And boy was she ready. There was no stopping this girl from wearing her panties! I totally agree with my pedi that potty training is something that has to be done on the child’s time table and not the parent’s. I am SO glad I didn’t stress about getting Little Bug trained because she turned two or because a new baby was on the way. Waiting was the best thing for her and our family.

2. This method is AWESOME. I think this method worked because it is focused on what the real goal is – the child keeping her panties dry and clean – instead of the parent having to bribe the child or force the child to try and use the potty. This method teaches them to do it all on their own will because they want to keep their panties dry and clean!

3. I have an awesome kid. Smile


I planned to do the training during Sweet Pea’s morning nap because you are suppose to train with absolutely NO distractions. Well, of course this little stinker wakes up early from her nap…hungry. I gave her the paci hoping that would hold her off. It did and then the chunky monkey ate SIX OUNCES. She has never eaten that much in her life AND she isn’t supposed to go over four ounces per her GI’s recommendations! (Although her normal feeds have recently increased to 5 ounces. That post is coming soon.)


I asked her to smile pretty and let me take a picture of her so we can remember this day and the above is what I got.

Her little booty in big girl panties is so adorable. Smile

I am SO PROUD of my BIG GIRL!!!

7 thoughts on “Potty-training: How Little Bug was trained in less than a day!!

  1. I’m a huge believer in just waiting for the child to be ready. We did that with William and one day he just stood up in the bath and said he had to go potty. From that point on we just offered positive reinforcement and encouragement. We didn’t do such a formal process as you…but it really was the easiest transition ever and only really took a couple days of my reminding him. Yay for little Bug. She is such a smart girl.


  2. I carry a little tiny “potty” in the car with me as well. When my daughter was learning, she (of course) would have to go when we were in the car. Check out the second picture of this one:


    I just put a diaper in the plastic bag to absorb the pee and she never had “accidents”.

    You can use this in a public restroom (EWWW!) as well.

    Tell LB she sure is grown up now!

  3. Wow- incredible! I will have to remember this book one day! I love the details and how you said you waiting until SHE was ready! So often I think Parents try to be a “good” parent by trying to be the first to potty train or have their child walk ect. By putting unneeded constraints and goals on the child is not necessary- you proved this! I think potty training in a day is amazing and like you said it worked because it was her time and you stayed consistant. Great job to you too!

  4. This is awesome! Way to go Little Bug!!

    Our sitter has been putting Drake on the potty every time she changes his diaper since he was about 18 months old. We didn’t start doing it until a couple months later and we’re still not great about it. I figure he’ll let me know when he is ready and based on your post, that is right!

  5. Elaine, I know this post is old, but I wanted to thank you for it! I just took notes because I think this is the weekend we are going to attempt it with Sam and Anna!

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