A Day in the Neighborhood

Now that Sweet Pea is awake more than just an hour, we’ve been going up to the neighborhood park!!


Sweet Pea had her first time on the park swing!


She can’t swing for long, but she sure did enjoy the swing on this day! (This was her 2nd time on the swing. Her first time, I didn’t have my camera.)


I love seeing my sister girls swinging together at the park!


The whole time I had Little Bug in the “baby swing” she was informing me that she is a big girl and she wants to swing on the “big swing”. So I snapped the picture and then Little Bug went to her “big girl swing”.


We moved onto the see-saw (or up-down as Little Bug has called it since she started talking!).


To avoid too much stimulation, Sweet Pea spent the rest of the time at the park in the stroller.


I love spending my days with my girls!

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