broken hearts

My heart has been hurting all day for a special friend of mine.

She’s been on the adoption path but then unexpectedly became pregnant.

Elated, they set forth to enjoy the unexpected miracle God had given them.

But then, she recently lost the baby.

My heart just breaks for her and her husband.

Lots of “why?” questions because they were totally content in their adoption journey and then were given the surprise of their life, only for it to be taken away weeks later.

It just doesn’t make any kind of sense right now and their hearts are broken at this loss.

Will you take a moment and lift them up in prayer?

2 thoughts on “broken hearts

  1. The exact same thing happened to us many years ago, on our way to adopting our son. What happened later was only something God can do: the very month we found out we were pregnant (and later lost the baby), our son was growing in Rachael’s womb. God gives and He takes away, but then He gives something more!

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