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I was asked where I got the “Letter A” learning activities I did with Little Bug, so I decided to do a post about this!

I wasn’t planning to join Pinterest until I realized I could find awesome learning activity ideas to do with Little Bug on there!

So I joined. And I am so glad I did because I’ve found some really cute ideas!


ABC Crafts for Every Letter

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A fun and creative craft to make for every letter of the alphabet!


ABC Handprints

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A craft to do with each letter using the child’s handprint! (This is my favorite because materials required are basically paint, a marker and your child’s hand! I should probably get some googily eyes. Little Bug would love that!)


ABC Dot-to-Dot Printables

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Another something fun to do with letters every week!


Another great idea comes from my friend, Jennifer, who is a Kindergarten teacher turned nanny to two little girls (and she also takes her son, Tater, with her to work!).

Every week, she does ABC learning activities with the girls and Tater.

She takes a box full of items that start with whatever letter they are learning about that week! The children play with those items and learn the letter and sounds while they play!

Click here to see what she did when she taught the Letter O!


My goal is to find activities that are 1) Fun! and 2) Easy prep.

I don’t want to stress myself out over this whole pre-school thing with Little Bug! However, I do want her to learn her letters and sounds. And I do want structured learning a part of our days (and not necessarily every day).

I am excited about these learning activities.

And I think we are off to a good start because Little Bug LOVED our A activities and was wanting more!

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