the night in which I forgot to turn the monitor on

Sweet Pea’s room is around the corner and down the hall from our bedroom. We sleep with a fan running so I have it in my mind that I have to have the monitor on with Sweet Pea because I am afraid I won’t hear her otherwise.

With Little Bug, I stopped using the monitor pretty soon after she moved into her bedroom because I was waking at every little sound she would make through the night and it just wasn’t necessary for me to hear that! I turned the monitor off, left her door cracked and if she ever cried in the night (which was rare), I could hear her, no problem.

Saturday night I was very tired because Sweet Pea had woken at 5am and been up for about an hour fussing and talking. So, when I went to bed (early for me) I totally forgot to turn the monitor on!

At 7:30am my eyes popped open and I couldn’t believe it was daylight outside. For weeks now, I’ve been awakened (by Sweet Pea) anywhere from 3-6am and it is still dark outside. I checked the time on my phone and then it hit me like a ton of bricks: Oh no!!! I forgot to turn the monitor on last night!!!

I jumped out of bed to double check the monitor and sure enough, it was off. So I bolted down the hallway towards Sweet Pea’s bedroom. I didn’t go in but I just stood there listening and much to my complete surprise, all was perfectly quiet…at 7:30am!!

I went back to bed with a quick stop to turn the monitor on. About 10 minutes later, I started to hear sweet little babble noises coming from the monitor.

I am pretty confident Sweet Pea slept from 8pm to 7:40ish!! When I went in to get her, I could tell she looked completely rested, she was all smiles and very alert. She didn’t look like she has looked several mornings this past week when she would wake and stay awake for about 1 to 1.5 hours before falling back to sleep for less than an hour before I would get her up at 8am to start the day.

The next night, I turned the monitor on but kept the volume very low. This solution is working so that I will be able to hear cries if I am needed but I won’t hear if she just wakes and talks for half an hour before going back to sleep.

2 thoughts on “the night in which I forgot to turn the monitor on

  1. Yeah for Sweet Pea!!

    We have one monitor and I keep telling Jason that we need to stop depending on it for Drake since we won’t be able to use it once new baby arrives. He’s not buying it….yet.

  2. I have slowly learned to hate the darn monitor. I barely ever turn it on anymore for the triplets. Once they scream loud enough, it wakes me up in a second, so the monitor really is no use anymore for us. I sleep so much better without too! 🙂

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