7 Months Old!

Sweet Pea is 7 months old!!


Is it normal for a 2nd child to seemingly grow up waaaaay faster than their older sibling, because, even with Sweet Pea’s challenging start, her first year is flying by.

Sweet Pea’s 6th month was a month of change as she lengthened her wake times and shortened her last nap while also lengthening nighttime sleep.

Eating: No really big changes here, except she did start eating 7-8 ounces every bottle. And she is almost at the 4-hour schedule! She just needs a little more time to lengthen her wake times further and she will be there. She ate at 8am, 11:30am, 3:45pm, 7:15pm and 11:30pm.


Solids: The big change for her this month as far as eating goes is she was introduced to solids on February 8th! So far, she has had squash, peas and green beans. She is certainly not an “eating machine” but she is eating solids every day now, once a day. This month, she had solids after her 11:30am bottle. She ate about half of a stage one baby food container.

Dreamfeed: We stopped the dreamfeed cold turkey for a few nights, but then when I started letting her CIO around 4am, we added it back in for about 2 weeks. Then we started gradually weaning from the dreamfeed again by giving one less ounce every 3 days until we were at just 2 ounces. February 22nd was her last dreamfeed.


Growth Spurt: Sweet Pea has had several small growth spurts it seems this month, which is another reason why we added back the dreamfeed for a couple weeks.

Sleeping: This is where the big changes this month happened. At the beginning of the month, Sweet Pea’s nighttime sleep became disrupted around the 4am hour because she wanted the paci to be put back in her mouth. As much as I didn’t want to do it, I knew the time had come for CIO. So on the night of February 10th, we put her to bed with only one arm swaddled so she would have a way to self soothe herself with sucking if she wanted, and when she woke in the night, we let her CIO. It only took one night, much to my complete surprise. And her crying-it-out was more like fussing-it-out for about an hour.

Another sleep issue this month was waking up early in the morning. Sweet Pea was waking anywhere from 6:30 to 7:15ish. To get her to sleep 12 hours a night, we extended her waketime between her naps by 15 minutes, cut her last nap to a short 30-minute catnap and moved bedtime earlier by half an hour. That helped her start sleeping from 8pm to 8am.


Wake time: Sweet Pea’s wake times have always pretty much been the same but now her first wake time is 1.5 hours, her second and third are 1.75 hours and her last wake time before going to bed at night is 2 hours. I tried to stretch that second wake time to 2 hours to give us a little more time to do things, but she would wake up too early from her nap if she was up 2 hours instead of just 1.75 hours. She will get there, eventually.

Sickness: Sweet Pea was sick for the first time this month. She caught the virus Little Bug had. On Leap Day, she woke early and was fussy, which is very usual for Sweet Pea. I took her temperature hoping for the best but fully expecting a fever. Sure enough, she had a fever. She is now sneezing, coughing and has lots of congestion. She is headed to the doctor on her 7 month birthday. Sad smile

Personality: I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out and for Sweet Pea to show a dramatic side, but she continues to be as easy-going as they come. When she is tired of an activity (like playing on the floor with toys) she will start “talking” a certain way as if saying, “Mommy, I can’t get up and move myself so will you please come put me in my jumper??” and I will move her to a new activity and she is happy as a lark again. She has started laughing hard when her Daddy tickles her. It is the cutest thing.


Siblings: Sweet Pea loves to watch Little Bug. I love to watch her watching her sister. Whatever Little Bug is doing is fascinating to Sweet Pea. Little Bug is learning what “sharing” means through her baby sister, which is good for her. When we read books, if Sweet Pea is with us, I let Sweet Pea pick a book and then Little Bug gets a turn to choose a book. I also encourage Little Bug to go to the baby toy box and pick some toys out for Sweet Pea to play with. Of course, Little Bug has to have a baby toy too to play with. I can see the start of a sister bond developing between the girls and it is fun to watch that grow and develop.

Independent Playtime: The day Sweet Pea got sick, I had decided that that was going to be her first day to have Independent Playtime in the pack n play in our bedroom. I got her set up to play and went to finish up breakfast with Little Bug. Sweet Pea whined and fussed which was very usual because she loves to sit and play with toys on a blanket. It was soon after that I discovered her fever and realized she was coming down with the same virus Little Bug had.

Once she is well, we will start IP in the pack n play for 20 minutes a day. The goal will be to increase her IP time to 30 minutes by next month. She will do IP at 8:30am while I am getting Little Bug up, giving her breakfast and getting her dressed. I figured this was the best time of day because we are home during that time of day every day.


Favorite Activities/toys: Sweet Pea still loves her jumper. I think she would be happy to live in the thing. She also still really enjoys her excersaucer and floor gym. When we are eating, I try to put Sweet Pea at the table with us in her chair so she can be with us while we eat. I keep some toys on the table for her to play with. She seems to really enjoy this. Sweet Pea got to swing on the park swing for the first time this month! She enjoys stroller rides up to the neighborhood park.


Bath: Sweet Pea now sits up to get her bath! She still really enjoys her bath time. Now that she is sitting, she can play with her toys more easily. Right now she loves to play with stacking cups, rubber duck and keys!


Diapers/Clothing Size: I could probably pack up 3 month and 3-6 month clothes but there are several outfits she can still wear. I pulled out the 6-9 month box and I think that is when I realized that Sweet Pea’s first year is flying by! She can already wear 6-9 month sized clothing! She mainly wears 6 month clothing.

Overstimulation: Recently we had friends over for dinner one evening and after Sweet Pea’s little cat nap she was in her excersaucer playing while all the “commotion” was going on around her in the living room. She didn’t have her typical overwhelmed, Mommy rescue me face on! She was jumping up and down in the excersaucer having a grand time looking at everything that was going on in the living room around her. It was another moment for me that stood out as another sign that these withdrawals are coming to an end for Sweet Pea.


Tummy Troubles/Meds: Spitting up has greatly decreased over the past month. I end the day more and more in the same clothes that I had put on in the morning, and so does Sweet Pea! She still has a minor spit up here and there, but the spit ups that require clothing changes and a major clean up are getting less and less frequent. She is totally off the Gripe Water and mylecon drops! She is still on Zantac but we will start to wean her from that during her 7th month. We will also start slowly transitioning her to powder formula instead of the ready-made formula. Since I first wrote this update, Sweet Pea had one of her “spells” where spit up comes up and out her mouth and nose at the same time. She has a hard time catching her breath and it makes her really upset. (One of the rare times when she actually cries.) When she had this spell, I couldn’t even remember the last time she had had one of these! It had been months. This spell made me a little hesitant to start the formula/zantac weans next month, but then, a few days after this spell we accidentally forgot to give her zantac at her 3:45pm feed but she was totally fine without it! That was really encouraging to us and now, I am hopeful again that weaning next month will go well.

Milestones: She started sitting this month! She loves to sit and play with toys on a blanket in the living room.

DSCN4320This picture was taken the first night she started sitting. She was playing with a toy that was mine when I was a baby!

Schedule (6 months old): This is the schedule we eventually made it to once we figured out her sleeping needs:

8am eat

8:30am-8:50am Independent Playtime in pack n play

9:30am-11:30am nap

11:45am eat

12pm solids (1 oz of squash, peas or green bean)

1:30pm-3:45pm nap

3:45pm eat

5:30pm-6pm nap

7:15pm eat/bath

8pm bed

11:30pm dreamfeed – dropped on February 22nd!

I am so happy to see my Sweet Pea where she is today. She is doing remarkably well. I remember while writing her month one and month two posts thinking that when I wrote about her 6th month things would be so much different than they were then. And they are. She isn’t the writhing-in-pain baby she once was. She is thriving, she is happy and she is a complete joy!


Happy 7 Months, Sweet Pea!!

2 thoughts on “7 Months Old!

  1. Sorry she’s poorly. hope that she feels better soon. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I am so looking forward to our baby’s arrival this summer and being able to look back over some of your, and other bloggers posts to gain some perspective and ideas!
    Thanks for sharing your life, Blessings, Chrissie x

  2. I wish I was as organized as you are in recording details about my children. I think this is just wonderful. (We had that same toy when we were little, too!)

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