one year ago

One year ago today

I received a text from Jennifer


about this baby girl

and our journey to #2 (officially) began

so thankful for God’s faithfulness through that journey

as I remember today what happened


one year ago

but that is not all that happened

one year ago today

Luke & Rebecca

Rebecca and her husband Luke were told of the same situation

by Jennifer


one year later

we have babies born 15 days apart

and a friendship that will last a lifetime

3 thoughts on “one year ago

  1. Wow! What a year! I thank God for the journey he took you and our family on. Two precious little girls later and w/ my faith grown through these two journeys, I just have to give God All the Glory for Great Things He Hath Done!

    AND … you to think that we have known Rebecca for only 1 year! It seems like she’s always been a part of our lives. I guess that is the miracle of the bonds of Adoption! Their family will always be special to us!

  2. I’m so glad that Jennifer did contact us both! Such a special day that has let to an amazing year! Thankful for you and your whole family!! And for our precious babies. Praise the Lord for the miracles He has worked through our families and newest babies!

    And yes, Norma! It seems as though you have all been in my life way longer than a year! Seems like you’ve always been a part of it! Your family will always be incredibly special and such a blessing to us!!

  3. what a GREAT day to celebrate! With infertility there are many days that pass that you do NOT want to remember- yet have a hard time not remembering. Glad today puts a smile on your face!

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