Phase 4: Extended Routine (25-52 weeks)

This is the last phase of the four phases of Babywise.

By the end of phase 3 (Extended Day) the Babywise baby has 4-6 liquid feeds per day and 11-12 continuous hours of nighttime sleep.

As I say every time I write one of these posts, every baby is different and every baby will reach these Babywise milestones in their own time as long as you just keep plugging along with baby at their own pace and encourage them to move towards these goals.

At the time that I am writing this Sweet Pea is 31 weeks old! At 31 weeks, Sweet Pea has accomplished this:

  • She extended her day by going 3.5 – 4 hours between feeds, instead of just 3 hours.
  • She is sleeping from 8:00pm until 8:00am after some sleep training because she was waking around 4am for the paci.
  • She dropped the dreamfeed at 6.5 months old!
  • She extended her wake times from 1 hour to 1.5 to 2 hours leaving a morning and afternoon nap with a short 30-minute catnap in the evening.

Not much changes during the Extended Routine phase (25 – 52 weeks):

  • Feeding times continue to be 3 to 4 hours apart. Most babies have reached the glorious 4-hour schedule by this time.
  • Sometime between 6-8 months old the average Babywise baby drops the 3rd nap and then has two naps ranging in length from 1.5 to 2.5 hours long.

Next up for Sweet Pea will be:

  • Moving to a 4-hour schedule. (As much as I want her to be on the awesome 4-hour schedule, I won’t rush her. She will get there, in her own time.)
  • Dropping the 3rd nap. (Hopefully within the next month.)

And there you have it: the four phases of Babywise! 

I can’t say enough good about Babywise. I hate that there are so many myths out there about Babywise. To me, Babywise is a lifesaver to the sanity and order of my home and my family.

God himself created the world with order and systems and Babywise is the perfect system for me to be able to manage and meet every single need my daughters have and my family has.

If I had to summarize three reasons why I love Babywise it would be: 1) My baby’s needs are literally met before they ever have to ask for anything. My baby is never hungry or sleepy, because before they reach a state of ‘being hungry or tired’ they are fed or put to bed for a nap, 2) Because of what I just wrote, my babies rarely cry. I was always told that Little Bug was the “happiest baby I’ve ever seen”. And I could almost say Sweet Pea never cries, but she cries when she gets scared, and 3) My babies are well rested and sleep when it is time to sleep. As a result, I am well-rested too, which is important in life to be able to function to your maximum capabilities.

As much as I love Babywise, I absolutely do recognize that Babywise is not for every family. You must figure out a system that works for you and your family (even if that system is the “fly by the seat of your pants” system!!). But I do encourage anyone who feels like their life is out of control and there is no order and stability to the day to check out Babywise.

It just might be your saving grace, too!

(Sweet Pea’s Tigger picture for 7 months is up! Click here.)

One thought on “Phase 4: Extended Routine (25-52 weeks)

  1. so glad sweet pea is doing so well. and i too love Babywise. it worked perfectly with both boys but miss Adelaide is one tough cookie. at about 20 weeks, she’s still waking 1-2 times in that 12 hour stretch and she’s dropping her 3rd nap herself. she is not following Babywise at all like the boys did. it’s frustrating at times but i know she’ll get it eventually.

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