Splash Park

I made a last minute trip the zoo Splash Park with the girls one day last week!

It was so much fun that I think we will have to start going more often, especially with summer right around the corner.


When we arrived, we were the only ones there and Little Bug wasn’t too excited to be there. I knew if a little girl would just enter the Splash Park, Little Bug would make friends and she would go play in the water.


Sure enough, the little girl you see in the red bathing suit came in and Little Bug walked up to her and instantly made a friend. They were inseparable the entire time! (I could NOT get a picture of the two of them without that kid getting in my way!! Every picture I took had that kid’s head right in the middle!!)


After playing in the water we had our picnic lunch! Sweet Pea had fun too. I didn’t want her in the water (since she was still having bad diapers) so she just sat with me happy as could be and watched all the action. This baby is so laid back and just goes with the flow. She drank her bottle while Little Bug played and then had her solids with us at the picnic.


On our way out of the zoo, we stopped to say hello to the giraffes!

It was such a fun time for us! I love spending my days with these two precious girls!

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