Little Bug’s birthday was a TON of fun this year because, for the first time, she truly understood what the day was all about!

She was excited from the moment she woke up and put on her birthday shirt and skirt for church that morning.


After church, Little Bug opened her birthday presents from us and my parents. She actually had a few things that she wanted for her birthday this year and she was elated when she saw that we had gotten them for her!


She wanted a fishing pole and…


…a scooter!!


She is already a pro on the scooter!

Little Bug was such a hoot opening her presents. She got puzzles, 2 dresses, books, a game and then my parents had a surprise for her in the garage!


A sand box!


After lunch and naptime, my mom threw a family birthday party for Little Bug!

Little Bug opened more presents!


Dave’s parents got Little Bug this cool, glow in the dark tent that you can write on with a special pen!


Aunt Amanda had a bag full of fun things: a golf club set, a Minnie Mouse (a new favorite toy of Little Bugs), clothes and a matching pj set for both girls!

At Little Bug’s request, my mom made her a lady bug cake for her birthday!

It was so adorable!!


She LOVED her cake!


And we sure do LOVE this girl!


She is such a special little girl and I am so glad we were able to give her a special 3rd birthday celebration!

We will celebrate again in a couple weeks with a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party with all her friends!

The Minnie Mouse theme is also at Little Bug’s request!

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