Day 4: Rebecca & A Date

On Saturday Rebecca and her boys drove to see us! We took the kids to a beautiful, fun park. Unfortunately, Little Bug wasn’t in too good of a mood this day. The waking up early every morning and not getting the sleep she needs had caught up with her on our last day of vacation. She was pretty much a crab the entire day.


I had planned to let her skip a nap on the day Micah came to see her (since he no longer naps) but I knew there was no way she could afford to miss a nap that day. So after lunch Dave took her back to the cabin for a nap and Rebecca, her boys and I went down to a fun street that has shops and ice cream!


It was great to hang out with these two and their Mama!


Micah found a fountain and got soaked!


After naptime we headed to the cabin because we wanted to get a picture of the babies together since they are almost ONE!


It was quite challenging this time since both babies have become more mobile in the last few weeks!


Most of our pictures looked like this! Sweet Pea kept turning with her feet to get to the air vent and Levi kept crawling away!


But we did get a couple cute ones!


These babies are SO BIG!!!

That evening my parents had planned to let us have a date night, but since Little Bug was falling apart and a complete Grumpalump, we stayed to get both girls in bed WAY EARLY and then we went out for a couple hours.

We went back to the pizza place and I got to have pizza this time!


Then we got icecream at Kilwin’s!


We ended our date by going to one of my favorite places in the area and rocking on a swing together!


It was a wonderful way to end our vacation!

We headed home the next morning and had another uneventful road trip! I am thankful both girls traveled so well both going and coming home!

But then…when we got home, we had two overtired little girls, which if you’ve ever dealt with an overtired baby/child, you know that is NO FUN.

The beauty of scheduling is that eventually after they “detox” from vacation, they will fall back to their normal schedules and things will resume to normal. Until then…it is lots of tears and short naps and VERY early bedtimes.

We are planning nothing for this week so that everyone can (hopefully)catch up on sleep around here!

3 thoughts on “Day 4: Rebecca & A Date

  1. So glad we got to see you guys while you were up our way. Hate that Little Bug was so tired, but we still had a great time as always. Totally stealing that first pic for my blog if you don’t mind since I didn’t get ANY of her or of her and Micah playing at the park.

  2. I loved reliving our days together through your blog. I know it wasn’t perfect but we did have a wonderful time.

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