Bible verse for our Fall theme

I had planned to use this for our Bible verse the past two weeks, but I changed my plans up last minute and instead we focused on this verse:

Do not be afraid. Joshua 1:9

I got the inspiration to do this verse with Little Bug after reading this new book I ordered to use during Pumpkin week.

The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything


It is about a little old lady who wasn’t afraid of anything! She is on a walk to gather some things when she sees shoes, pants, gloves and other things. The shoes CLOMP CLOMP, the pants SWISH SWISH and the gloves CLAP CLAP but she tells them they do NOT scare her! The ending is adorable when all the pieces of clothing come together and do end up scaring something!

I used this book to teach Little Bug that God does not want us to be afraid either because He is always with us.

I wrote each word of this verse on a piece of paper and then we put the words in order to make the verse. Little Bug wanted to put the words on the fridge which I thought was a brilliant idea so we can always be reminded of the verse!


Each day we would spend some time talking about this verse (usually during breakfast).


I will be taking my annual Fall Blogging Break the rest of this week. I’ll be back to posting on Monday!

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